Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


5. December 5th, 2016 (part 1, Marvin)



    “I still don’t see why we couldn’t have just… just gotten a bit of sleep first…” Marvin yawned as Kaity shook him awake. 

    “You got your bit of sleep!” Kaity replied, smirking at him. “Come on, get up, we have a gym to investigate.”

    “What time is it…”

    “11:30. You passed out some time around 9:30. You got two hours of sleep, so stop complaining.”

    “I’m not complaining,” Marvin replied, his voice full of irritation. 

    “You are most definitely complaining,” Kaity corrected. “You should be fully rested.”

    “How are you not exhausted?” Marvin muttered, dolling over and doing his best to ignore Kaity’s insistent voice. “And how many cups of coffee did you drink this time?”

    “That doesn’t matter. Come on, get up!” Kaity yanked the blanket off of Marvin, and he groaned, sitting up and running a hand through his hair. There was a constant pounding in his head, and he could barely think straight. The last thing he wanted to do was go back to that stupid shiny gym and investigate the ghost. He wanted to go back to sleep, not wander about in the dark.

     He stood, throwing his usual jacket on. It was too big on him- everything was. Kaity, of course, was already dressed in her classic outfit- a light blue jacket, covering a shirt bearing a logo for some band that Marvin honestly didn’t care about. On most girls, that outfit would probably look weird and out of place, but Kaity pulled it off flawlessly. She managed to do most things flawlessly- even dressed like some mall girl on her way to a shopping trip, people admired her. She was like able. Popular. People liked her. All Marvin ever got was suspicious sideways glances.

    Kaity tossed him a bag, and he snatched at it, just missing as it fell to the floor. He groaned, picking it up and slinging it over his shoulder. 

    Kaity’s expression turned concerned. “Marvin, are you okay?”

    “Just a headache.” 

    “The same one?”

    Marvin nodded. He’d had this headache for the past few days- a constant pounding inside his skull. It had been intensifying, and at this point it was almost overwhelming. He nearly could hear it- like a large hand knocking on a door. 

    “Has it gotten worse?” 

    That was the funny thing about Kaity. She could seem relentless and bossy, but then she’d turn around and show concern the instant something seemed wrong. 

    “A bit. I’ll manage.”


    Kaity opened the trapdoor to the attic, and climbed down. Marvin followed, muttering to himself about the ridiculous hour they had to go out, and how normal people needed sleep. Not that Marvin would ever be normal

    He was halfway down the ladder when the pounding in his head grew louder and stronger. He let out a cry, losing his grip on the ladder as he clutched at his head. His foot hooked on one of the rungs, flipping him upside down. He smacked his head against one of the lower rungs, and the world went completely black.

    When he came to, Kaity was standing over him. Her lips were moving, but he couldn’t hear a word she was saying. The pounding in his head was deafening- almost a roar now. It was almost like…


    Oh no.

    “Kaity!” Marvin managed to gasp out her name. “It’s not… it’s…”

    “It’s what?!” He could barely hear her voice over the pounding.

    “It’s a pulse!” he managed to get out. 

    She understood instant. Her hand went to her waist, pulling out a gun made of black metal. Looking at it made Marvin’s skin crawl. He hated her weapon, but it was the most effective defense against the supernatural.

    “We know you’re here,” Kaity growled. “Either show yourself or get out of here.” She cocked the gun, the click emphasizing her words.

    Kaity might have been a nice person, but when she was facing off against anything supernatural, she was terrifying. The pounding in Marvin’s head lessened, and he managed to push himself up onto his hands and knees. He knew this kind of silence. It was the silence before something attacked.

    “It’s about to make its move…” he gasped. “Be… be ready.”

    “It’s okay,” Kaity said gently, her voice losing its menacing tone as she looked down at him. “It’ll be okay. I’ve got you. Don’t worry.”

    And then her words were lost in a deafening roar. Marvin cried out, but he couldn’t even hear his own screams in the horrible wave of sound. Then the light above their heads burst, and they were plunged into darkness.

    Something cold and hard pressed against the side of his head, and then the world was pulled away from him as he sunk into darkness.

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