Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


4. December 3rd, 2016

“Not bad.”

    “Aw come on, Marvin! Stop being such a hater!” Kaity laughed. “The decorations are beautiful.”

    “There are so many lights in here. I might go blind.”

    Kaity smiled. If Marvin was being negative and cynical again, that meant he was back to being himself. She just laughed, letting him get all of his complaining out before they started looking in to the problem. 

    “And the color scheme…” he continued. “The green and red is all right… but must they cover every available surface with something silver and shiny? This place looks like a dragon lair.”

    “Marvin, it’s bling! You can’t hate bling.”

    “What exactly is bling?”

    Oh right. Kaity sighed. Marvin was sometimes a bit… behind on some terms. He still didn’t understand technology. It didn’t help that the last time she’d tried to show him how to use a phone, he’d accidentally destroyed it. So since then she’d tried to keep him away from any technology. Which means he had no exposure to the way the world shapes and changes. 

    “Bling is shiny stuff,” she shrugged. “You know, extra bedaz- decoration,” she corrected herself, remembering that he didn’t know what bedazzlement meant either. 

    “Right. Well, this bling is irritating. Are you sure we have to be here?”

    “This is the place. Don’t you feel any pulses?” Kaity asked, confused.

    “I’m being blinded by all this bling,” he replied sarcastically.

    “Then close your eyes.”


    Kaity watched with barely contained impatience as his hand began to twitch, slowly rising until he held his hand at eye level. Then he began to flick his fingers back and forth, as if conducting an orchestra. Finally, he opened his eyes and pointed at one of the doorways. “He’s there, isn’t he.”

    “Yep,” Kaity nodded. Standing beneath the doorway, looking off into the distance, was the faint outline of a boy.  “That’s the one. How strong is he?”

    “Weak. That’s why I didn’t notice him at first.”

    “But strong enough to knock someone out?”

    Marvin sighed, his brow furrowing with concentration. “No. That’s the problem.”

    “Well then let’s go check him out,” Kaity shrugged, starting towards the doorway. She stopped when she saw Marvin wasn’t following. “Marvin?”

    “I am not following you over there.”

    “Why not?” Kaity raised her eyebrows.

    Marvin flushed red, and simply pointed. Kaity turned to see where he was looking, and her eyes fell on the sprig of mistletoe hanging over the door.

    “What’s the problem?” she turned to look at him again.

    “I’m a boy. You’re a girl. I’m not going over there,” Marvin said, his face turning deeper red.

    Finally, Kaity realized what was bothering him. “Ohh… Marvin, you don’t have to kiss me. Calm down.”


    She sighed. Sometimes Marvin could be impossible

    “Look. I won’t make you kiss me. I need you to read the pulses.” He still hesitated, and she sighed. “Please, Marvin.”

    He sighed, and started forwards, expression irritated. Kaity sighed. More than once she wished that Marvin wasn’t so difficult. She knew things were difficult for him- he never had adjusted properly to human culture. 

    It would take less time if he wasn’t so stubborn… Kaity had done her best to teach him when they’d first met. He’d adjusted quickly to some things, but she would never be able to help him get over other things- like words, tradition, and, most of all, the homesickness.

    Kaity reached the door, standing only a few feet away from the ghost. He didn’t acknowledge either of them- it was almost like he was waiting for something.


    “The pulses are still weak,” he replied. Kaity nearly laughed when she saw that he was keeping a good three feet distance between himself and the door. “It doesn’t make sense.”

    Kaity shrugged, smiling. “Well it would be boring if it made sense all at once, huh?”

    “You’re impossible…”

    “Come on, Marvin! Five minute cases are no fun!”

    “Five minute cases are the safe ones… in longer cases, I tend to get almost killed.”

    “Well this one shouldn’t be too bad…” Kaity considered her options for a minute, then sighed. “When’s the next full moon, Marvin?”

    “In two nights.”

    “We’ll come back then.”

    “And in between?”

    “We’ll research. Ask around. Find everything we can about this guy. Who he was. How he died. And what he’s doing here.” 

    Marvin nodded slowly. “Alright. Does that mean we can step away from the mistletoe now?”

    Kaity smiled. “Yes, Marvin. Yes it does. Let’s go.”

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