Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


3. December 2nd, 2016

“So? What do you think?” Kaity asked cheerfully.

    “It’s as beautiful an attic as we could ever hope to stay in.”

    Kaity turned to smile at her assistant. Marvin stood next to her with his arms crossed, studying the small attic room that they had been given to stay in. 

    “Aw, come on Marvin. It was the best I could do. You know how people are about supernaturals. They don’t trust me.”

    “No, they trust you perfectly well,” Marvin corrected. “They don’t trust me.”

    Kaity hurried to deny his words. “Aw, Marvin, come on, you know that’s not true!”

    “You know it is true,” he pointed out. “You know what people think of me.”

    Kaity sighed. Yes, she knew exactly what people thought of Marvin. They were sure to tell her. There was something about him that… unsettled them. 

    Maybe it was the way he looked. His eyes almost looked too large for his head- the way someone would draw a person. He rarely blinked, instead choosing to focus on the world around him with a somewhat unnerving wide-eyed stare. His build really wasn’t anything threatening- he was small and skinny. Everything he wore looked too big on him, even when Kaity picked out the smallest sizes. Shopping for him wasn’t easy in the first place- she practically had to sedate him to get him to go to the mall with her.

    Marvin knew exactly how much he unnerved people, and in a way Kaity thought he enjoyed that. Not many people could make someone twice their size squirm with one look the way Marvin could. But maybe that was why people were uncertain.

    As well, for his small size, he had twice the attitude. Kaity had grown used to his fierce wit, but he never ceased to surprise her in one way or another with his attitude and vicious temper.

    “Look, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we’ve got a perfectly nice place to sleep.”

    “Unless they’ve got a haunting up here.”

    “Well are you getting any pulses?”

    That was another thing that was sort of… abnormal about Marvin. Kaity could see the paranormal, but Marvin could feel them. Their presence was made aware to him through a serious of taps. Whenever Kaity asked him, he had always described it as a beat or rhythm. The quicker the tempo, the closer the paranormal item or thing. The louder the sounds, the more powerful the thing was. 

    He paused, cocking his head. “None. It’s almost too quiet up here.”

    “Too quiet? Do you think-“

    “Supersilence?” Marvin completed her sentence with a term they used to describe silence caused by supernatural creatures. “No. I would feel it. I can still feel faint taps coming from you, so nothing is being suppressed.” 

    “Well that’s a relief.” Kaity smiled, setting her pack down on the floor. Marvin followed suit, sitting on his pack as Kaity sat cross-legged on the floor. She pulled out her notebook, and Marvin let out an exhausted sigh.

    “Oh don’t give me that!” Kaity laughed. “Let’s review the case.”

    “Let’s get this over with.”

    “Alright. Here we go. The location is the gym. The problem is a ghost. I haven’t been able to determine its strength yet, because you weren’t there, but so far there have been no deaths.”

    Marvin stayed silent, and Kaity gave him an exasperated look. He sighed, and leaned forwards, expression bored. “Any negative effects?”

    “One girl was hospitalized after passing out.”

    “And did she recover?”

    Kaity nodded.

    Marvin sighed, staring at the floor with an intense look. “It can’t be that powerful then.”

    “You never know. Maybe it targets specific people. Maybe it has a point where it grows stronger-“

    “You just want this case to be harder, don’t you?”

    “Of course I do!’ Kaity laughed. “The easy ones are hardly worth having, don’t you think?”

    “Actually I like the easy ones. Especially when they’re during a holiday season. We hardly ever get to celebrate the holidays.”

    “Aw, come on, the cases are fun!” Kaity laughed. She stopped laughing when she saw Marvin’s face. She hesitated, then leaned forwards, doing her best to look into his eyes. It wasn’t easy- he kept moving his head, and it was hard to hold his gaze in the first place- but finally she locked eyes with him. “What’s wrong?”

    “I was hoping to go home for the holidays,” he said softly. It was sometimes hard to detect emotion in Marvin’s voice, but Kaity was sure there was longing in his voice.

    “Marvin…” she said softly. “You know that isn’t possible. You know I’m on a permanent ban from going there…”

    “I know…” he replied, his head dropping. “I know. That’s how it is each and every year.” He stood, turning to look out the small window. “Tomorrow, we’ll visit the location. Solve the case. Just like we always do.”

    Kaity sighed, looking down at her notebook. Sometimes, she thought, there are problems that you just can’t solve.

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