Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


2. December 1st, 2016

Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year. There is constant hustle and bustle, and the cheer in the air. But with the Christmas spirit comes christmas spirits. 

    Christmas isn’t as full of hauntings as halloween- there are no witching hours in December. But there are still plenty of cases.

    Now, most cases turn out to be harmless. After all- Christmas spirits usually just want a part of the holiday for themselves. All the positive energy in the air keeps the bad ones down. But people don’t want hauntings of any sort. And so, to take care of it, they must hire a specialist.

    The town in question was small, but large enough to have a little mall, and several shops, all decorated for the upcoming holiday. There had been plenty of snow this year, and the road was covered in slush. All the cars in the mall’s parking lot had a used look to them, and seemed to adhere themselves to the road with a particular familiarity. The houses were decently large, with many windows, through which you could see a multitude of colored lights. Everything looked perfect and arranged- everything had its place.

    Except for the limo.

    In the parking lot of the small school, out of place amongst the rural buildings and older cars, sat a shiny new limousine. It looked almost comically out of place. Then again, so did the owner of the car.

    The owner is question was the town’s hired supernaturalist. There had been a few odd occurrences throughout the town, and someone was needed to clear it up. The town’s mayor had discovered a small add in the paper for a supernaturalist by the name of Kaity Linnar, and had called the number provided. Now, precisely one week later she was here.

    Nothing that impressive, though… the mayor thought as he looked her over. She was young, with curly red hair, and a splash of freckles across her face. The mayor judged her to be close to thirteen or fourteen. 

    She certainly wasn’t dressed like a proper supernaturalist either. She wore a light blue jacket that just barely covered her shirt, which bore some unknown band symbol from halfway across the country. Her skirt was simple, bearing a plaid pattern of red and green stripes. 

    The mayor looked her over for a second time, trying to see something that would distinguish her as a supernaturalist. He could find nothing. She looked like an average teenage girl, ready for a day at the mall. The mayor began to wonder why he had bothered hiring her.

    “You must be Miss Linnar?”

    “Guilty as charged!” she replied cheerfully. She had a faint accent- one the mayor couldn’t place. “What can I do for you?”

    The mayor hesitated, beginning to feel very uncomfortable. “Ah, well, as you’ll recall, a week ago I called you about a particular case-“ he paused as she took out a notebook and pen.

    “Yes, the case with the gym. I have a few questions for you.”

    “Alright…” the mayor did his best to ignore the girl’s change in demeanor.

    “How recently did this start happening?”
    “A week ago, when the decorations for the dance were set up.”

    “I see…” she jotted down something in her notebook. “Any deaths?”


    “Good. Any strange things happening?”

    “Well… not exactly… people have been getting a bad feel from that area… a girl went over there after setting up, and fell unconscious. She was hospitalized, but work up a few days later.”

    “Alright… we’ve either got a malaise or some kind of haunting… Where is this gym?”

    “This way…” 

    The mayor turned, trying to hide his embarrassment, and guided Kaity towards the gym. He stopped at the door, and she stepped past him, surveying the gym with a critical eye.

    “As you can see, there doesn’t appear to be anything-“ he started, only to be interrupted as she pranced past him, walking over to a doorway where mistletoe was hanging.

    “Is this the spot?”

    “Yes…” The mayor nodded, wondering how she’d known. “Yes, it is. How-“

    “I know because I’m looking right at the cause of your problems.”

    The mayor frowned, squinting at the spot, wondering what she was seeing. He considered that she might be tricking him, but the incidents had occured in that exact spot. Either it was a very lucky guess, or she actually could see something irregular.

    “What is it?”

    “Right, I forgot. Your kind can’t see the paranormal.”

    “My kind?” The mayor asked, now very confused. She acted like she wasn’t human. He knew supernaturalists were a strange bunch, but this girl definitely won the prize for the strangest of them all.

    “Normal people,” she shrugged, inspecting the area with deep intensity. “People who aren’t like me. People who can live their entire lives never knowing if there’s something close to them, or hanging over their head… It must be nice.”

    The mayor hesitated, and she turned back to him. “Thank you. I’ll begin investigating this one immediately.”

    She walked past him, but before she could leave the mayor called her back. “You said you had an assistant of some sort. Where are they?”

    “Oh, Marvin? He’s in the car. He doesn’t interact well with strangers, you see.”

    The mayor nodded slowly, deciding not to ask any more questions. The sooner this girl was out of his hair, the better.”

    “So when’s this dance?” she asked, her pen poised to write again.

    “The sixteenth. You have just over two weeks to solve this case. I hope you’re up to it.”

    “I’m always up to it.” She swept out of the building, hopping into the driver’s side of the limo. A minute later, it pulled away, leaving the mayor staring after it in confusion, wondering exactly what kind of crazy person he’d hired.

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