Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


11. December 16th, 2016 (Part two, Kaity)

Kaity was by the drinks table when Marvin’s voice came to life in her ear.

    “10:30. Time to get going.”

    Kaity took a deep breath, giving herself time to wolf down one of the cookies. Hopefully, the chocolate would help her keep a clear head. Then she took another deep breath, and meandered towards the mistletoe where the ghost was waiting.

    He was mostly substantial now, watching the dance with a wistful expression. Kaity tried to calm herself, reminding herself that she had to do this. For the case. She had to finish the case. 

    Then she put on a smile, and positioned herself a few feet away from the ghost, leaning against the wall.

    He noticed her quickly. “Hey.”

    “Hey,” she glanced over at him. She had to play the part. This was important. Her eyes met Marvin’s, and he gave her a thumbs up. She took a deep breath, and spoke casually. “Why are you alone?” She could feel a faint sense of calm steeling over her- the ghost’s miasma was taking effect. She fought it off, keeping her mind sharp. It would have to try harder if it wanted to ensnare her.

    “My date told me she would meet me here.” The sadness in the ghost’s voice reminded her of Marvin… especially when he talked about his home. “But… I don’t think she’s coming.”

    “Aw, that sucks!” Kaity sympathized. The miasma was getting stronger, but it was nowhere near its full capacity yet. “I’m by myself tonight too,” she added casually, as if the thought had just crossed her mind.

    “Do you think… you could be my date just for tonight?” the ghost offered. 

    Kaity felt the miasma pressing against her senses, fighting to subdue them.

    “Sure,” she grinned. “I’d love to.” 

    The ghost offered her his hand, and she took it. The miasma strengthened, and she stumbled for a second.

    “Are you okay?” the ghost asked.

    “I’m fine,” Kaity replied. “Just tripped.” 

    The miasma was strong now. Anyone else would be completely subdued by now, but not her. But if she didn’t let the miasma take hold, then the ghost would move on to another girl. So she whispered two words into her ear mic.

Going under.” Then she stopped fighting, and let the ghost’s miasma take hold of her completely. 


    The sensation was pleasant. Her tense muscles relaxed as she was led out to the dance floor. She couldn’t quite remember what she’d been doing. She was here to dance, wasn’t she? Obviously. And this boy… he was… a ghost? No, that couldn’t be right, because he was so obviously real. His hand was touching hers. She was dancing with him. If he were a ghost, she wouldn’t be able to do that… right? 

    He was a good dancer too. They swirled through the dancers around them, the world a blur of colors and lights. Kaity loved it. The boy she was dancing with had the most captivating eyes… it was impossible to look away from them. They were the most beautiful color she’d ever seen… what color could she describe it as? They were blue… bright bright blue. She’d seen those eyes before. But… she couldn’t recall where. Did it really matter? She loved the color though. It was the nicest thing she’d ever seen.

    The dances left her breathless. They were like nothing she’d ever experienced. The boy danced with such grace and such wonder. She felt weightless- her feet barely touched the ground. She could just float away, lost in a dance with him forever.

    He twirled her, then dropped into a dip. For a second they were frozen there, held in that pose. Dimly, Kaity registered that the song was over.

    He was smiling at her. “I don’t think we were properly introduced. I’m Jacob.”

    “Kaity,” she replied, smiling back. He was incredibly handsome! Especially his eyes… Where had she seen his eyes before?

    “Want to take a break from dancing?” he asked with a little smile, tossing his head in the direction of the mistletoe. Kaity flushed, her smile growing.

    “Of course.”

    Jacob guided her towards the mistletoe. Was it just her, or was Jacob more… here now? And was she hearing things? There was a voice whispering in her ear. Just for a second. One word.


    They reached the mistletoe, and Jacob pulled her close. She only smiled, placing a hand on the side of his head. And then the clock struck eleven, and she kissed him. 

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