Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


9. December 15th, 2016

The awkward moment had been forgotten by the next day. Marvin was continuing to be snappy and sarcastic, but at least he wasn’t shut down and quiet. Kaity was her usual exuberant self.

    Kaity basically dictated how the day went, not that Marvin minded. He enjoyed the day out in the sun. There was a light snowfall, but he was bundled up nicely, and didn’t notice the cold. 

    Marvin and Kaity rarely had the chance to go shopping. As supernaturalists, money tended to be tight. Kaity always had her inheritance, but she preferred not to use it. She didn’t like to depend on that money for anything. Whenever he asked, all she would say was ‘too many painful memories.’ Marvin knew what lines you didn’t cross with Kaity, and that was one of them, so he left her alone.

    The day was enjoyable. For once, no ghosts, supernatural creatures, spirits, or otherwise ruined their day. That was a first for both of them, and Marvin was determined to take advantage of it. He tried to smile more, laugh more, and enjoy the food. The town’s one cafe was actually very good, especially when Kaity introduced him to cream filled pastries that she called eclairs. She’d always accused him of having a sweet tooth, and he had a feeling she was right. 

    Eventually, they found a small library, and Kaity wandered away to search for something, leaving Marvin standing awkwardly in a small open area, distinguished only by a couple reading tables and a few comfy chairs. He turned back and forth, wondering what he should do while he waited for Kaity. A voice interrupted his thoughts.


    At first he thought whoever it was might be talking to someone else. But there was no one else there. After a second, he turned.

    Marvin could have sworn that the area was empty, but now there was a boy sitting in one of the chairs. They made eye contact, and Marvin stared, not entirely convinced that someone would be talking to him for any reason.

    “Hey…?” he said after an awkward staring match. 

    “I’m Alex,” the boy said, giving him a friendly smile. Marvin felt his guard slowly lowering, as he took Alex’s hand and shook it.

    “Marvin. Where did you come from?”

    “I was just looking at some of the books, and I noticed you two together.”

    “You did…?” Marvin wasn’t sure to think of that. It sounded strange, but then again, Kaity usually drew a lot of stares from boys wherever she went. That would make sense.

    Alex’s next words confirmed his theory. “The girl you were with? She practically glows. Can’t be in the same room as her without looking at her.”

    “She does, doesn’t she?” Marvin agreed. 

    “She your girlfriend?”

    Marvin froze for a second, the question catching him off guard. “I… I guess not. I mean, I work with her, but she’s not my girlfriend.”

    Alex looked genuinely surprised. “What?! Girl like that, and you’re not together?”

    Marvin sighed. The way he put it made it sound so easy. Like he could be with Kaity just because he wanted to.

    “It’s… complicated.”

    “Ah, I see. One of those,” Alex nodded. “You been friend zoned?”

    “I… don’t really understand,” Marvin muttered, feeling embarrassed, like he always did when he didn’t know a word. “What does friend zoned mean?”

    Alex didn’t seem to mind that Marvin didn’t know the word. “It’s when you like a girl, but she thinks you guys are ‘just friends’. Is that your situation?”

    Marvin nodded slowly. This sounded exactly like his problem. “Yes. That’s what it is.”

    “Oh man… That’s tough. How did that happen?”

    Marvin sighed, looking around for Kaity. She wasn’t there. He looked back to Alex. He was nice- and obviously trying to help him out. Why not?

    “We’re partners, and friends, but I don’t think she’s ever thought of us as boyfriend and girlfriend.”

    “You like her?”


    Alex stood, smiling slightly. “Well, sounds like someone needs advice on girls.”

    “You’d help me?” Marvin asked, surprised. 

    “Let’s just say, I’ve got sympathy for guys in your situation. Sure I’ll help you.”

    “Alright,” Marvin nodded slowly. It was nice to come across someone who could actually give him a hand with his relationship with Kaity. Alex seemed like the kind of guy that girls were always feinting over- exactly the kind of guy that could help Marvin out. 

    “So has she showed any feelings for you yet?”

    “I made a joke about a date earlier, and she blushed…” Marvin shrugged. “But she also denied it, so…”

    “No, man, that’s good!” Alex grinned. “That means she definitely likes you. If she’d agreed with it, then you’d be in trouble. But she denied it- so that means she likes you and doesn’t want you to know.”

    “How do you know this?”

    “I consider myself an expert on girls.”

    Marvin could respect that- girls were hard to understand. If this boy could understand them, then he must have had some form of magic.

    “So… what should I do?” Marvin was glad to talk to this guy. Most humans didn’t like him, or treated him like a freak. But this guy was nice to him- he was even offering to help with his ‘girl problems’. He was grateful for that.

    “The best thing to do it take her to something big and nice. Something fancy. But you gotta go together.”

    “Well… there’s a dance tomorrow…”

    “Perfect! Go with her to that!”

    Marvin flushed. “I mean… we’re already kind of going together… it’s just… we’re going there to solve a case.”

    “You just gotta dance together. Be nice. Complement her on what she’s wearing. How she looks. Try and be natural- girls don’t like guys to be forced.”

    “This is confusing…” 

    Alex grinned. “Girls are always confusing. I promise- take her out, give her some complements, be nice, be natural… She’ll love you for it.”

    Marvin nodded slowly. “I guess… thank you?”

    “You’re welcome,” Alex winked.


    Marvin turned. “Oh, that’s her. I’ve got to go-“ He turned back to look, but Alex was gone. 

    Huh. Marvin turned and ran to find Kaity. He had some advice to follow.

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