Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


8. December 14th, 2016


    “SHOPPING TIME!” Kaity yelled, pulling open the dusty curtains. Marvin, predictably, groaned and rolled over, facing away from the light.

    “Have fun…”

    Kaity smirked, walking over to him. “I think you misunderstand. There’s a big, special dance in four days. And you don’t have a proper outfit. So we’re going shopping!!”

    “Please… kill me now…” he muttered. “I can’t take the torture…”

    “Yes you can, you big baby. Up and at ‘em!” She pulled Marvin out of his sleeping bag, eyes bright. He blinked at her, and she laughed.

    “Aw come on, don’t sulk at me like that! We’re gonna find you a cute Christmas outfit!!!”  

    “Kill me now…” he repeated.


    A few minutes later Kaity practically dragged Marvin though the doors of the town’s shopping mall. Even when Marvin was being a pest, she loved shopping with him. Besides, he looked adorable in the little Christmas costumes you could find. If you could ignore the complaining, it was actually quite enjoyable.

    “So… much… red…” Marvin groaned. “Is there anything not red…?”

    “There’s green!” Kaity suggested.

    “Good idea. Then I’ll look like a skinny tree rather than a fire pole.”

    “If you’re a tree, does that mean I can decorate you?”

    “Ha ha hilarious…” 

    “I’m serious, Marvin!” Kaity scanned the racks of shirts, wondering with ones would look the best on Marvin. Honestly, he was such a buzzkill sometimes. She’d tell him that, but then she’d have to go into all the trouble of explaining what a buzzkill even was in the first place. Besides, that would probably just make him feel bad, and no matter how annoying he was, Marvin was her friend. She knew he had a hard enough time as it was- she didn’t want to make him actually miserable. 

    Of course, He didn’t look that far off right now. His eyes kept sliding shut, and his shoulders were slumped. Kaity rolled her eyes. “You’re acting so dramatic right now! Honestly, it’s like you don’t enjoy clothes shopping!”

    “I don’t…”

    “Aw, come on-“ Kaity’s attention was rapidly distracted by another rack of clothes. “Ooh! They’re having a sale on Christmas sweaters! Come on Marvin, we need to go look!”

    “Noooo not the ugly Christmas sweaters!”

    Kaity turned to look at Marvin, and she just barely managed to catch him smiling before he rearranged his features into a scowl.

    “You’re enjoying this.”

    “No I’m not.”

    “Yes you are.”

    “No I’m not, Kaity. Leave me alone.”

    She laughed. “I knew you loved it! Come on, let’s find you a cute sweater!”


    An hour later, they left the store loaded down with grocery bags. Marvin’s scowl had returned- probably because of the pair of reindeer antlers perched on his head, barely avoiding sliding off. Kaity had a Santa Claus hat, and was very pleased with herself. She couldn’t wait to surprise Marvin with outfits for the dance! He’d love them.

    Marvin had been unusually quiet. Kaity wanted to ask him what was wrong- he was her best friend, after all- but she wasn’t sure if he’d be insulted or not. She decided to wait until they were back in their attic.

    Marvin set down the shopping bags, and sat crosslegged on the floor. Kaity decided now would be a good time to ask. 

    “Marvin? Are you okay?”

    “Why are you so worried?” he raised his eyebrows. “You’re acting like a mom.”

    A mom. Not his mom. Marvin never knew his parents. Kaity sighed. “Marvin. You know how things are. You’re the only friend I’ve got left. Of course I care.  If you’re not okay, I want you to tell me.”

    “It’s nothing.”


    “It’s nothing.” He sighed, his eyes sliding down to the floor. Kaity felt a surge of deep concern, but she didn’t know what to do. Marvin could be confusing sometimes. So she decided to do what she knew best.


    That got his attention. He held out his hand, expression expectant. She tossed him a chocolate, and he grabbed for it, only to miss and have it fall to the floor. 

    “Dextrous, Marvin.”

    “Oh shut up.” He tore the wrapper off the chocolate, and tossed it into his mouth. 

    “There we go. Now you’re not being a grouch.”

    “I was never being a grouch.”

    Kaity raised her eyebrows, doing a high-pitched imitation of his voice. “Oh noooooooo not the ugly Christmas sweaters!!!” 

    “I do not sound like that.”

    “You do when you’re annoyed.”

    He rolled his eyes- his signature gesture- and leaned back against one of the bags. “Is the torture done?”

    Kaity laughed. “We have a couple days. The dance is in a couple days, so I thought tomorrow we’d… you know…”

    “What, go on a date?” Marvin raised his eyebrows.

    Kaity felt herself flush red. “No! No, I mean, obviously not, since we’re just friends… but I thought you might want to go shopping again. I mean, browse. Look at shops. Go get a snack at a cafe or something. Explore the town. See if there are any small cases we can take on today before the dance.”

    “So basically a date.”

    Kaity felt herself blushing further, though she was sure she could see a little pink in Marvin’s cheeks as well.

    “Yeah, whatever you want to think.” She did her best to turn it back on Marvin, and it seemed to work, because he rolled his eyes, face turning red. 

    “I’d prefer to think that I wasn’t dating my boss.”

    Kaity froze. Marvin thought of her as his boss? What happened to friends


    “Well… I technically am your assistant.”

    “Assistant scmistant! You’re my friend!”

    “Yes. Your friend.”

    Kaity stared in disbelief as he stood up and walked away to the window. 

    And he thinks I’m confusing… 

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