Just A Note

Ainsley is just your average girl. She has a hidden talent even she didn't know she had. One night her and two other friends go out to a concert, with a celebrity their age she didn't even know existed. She thought she might have been going crazy but she could have sworn he was flirting with her the whole performance, at the end of it they get themselves involved with some kind of raffle, which will change Ainsley's life more then she ever thought it would. Cody Ashton is a popstar. Several people are in love with him, he has more than 2 million fans all over the world, and what he's trying to do is find that girl in his large group of fans, until one night, he meets this mystery girl that he took a picture with, will he find this mystery girl? Will they be meant to be? How will AInsley's life change? Most importantly How will Cody's life change for good? Find out on : Just A Note (Warning there is a bit of mature scenes in here so xD) Have fun reading, also thanks for reading lovie

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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