Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


8. Chapter 8: An Apology and Electricity

Harry/Alexander's P.O.V.

"Umm... yeah... I hope that's okay." Draco sent him, his worry coming through in the way he thought it.
"Yeah... Umm... I guess that's okay... Just completely unexpected." I thought back. I guess that shouldn't have shocked me a bit, what with the truths Severus had told me about it all. Anyway, it would be nice to hear a few other things from Mr. Malfoy.  
"Okay then, we'll probably just head right over." He paused before he added, "If that's all right?"
"That should be fine, I'll tell Severus." I was sending thoughts easily now.
"Okay, Goodbye Harry."
"Goodbye Draco." I almost decided to tell him about the new name then, but I figured it would be better to wait until later, when we were face to face.  
I walked out of my room, and headed towards the living room to look for Severus, to find him sitting on the couch, with what looked to be a thick potions book in his hands.
"Hey Severus." I greeted before sitting down on the couch across from him, slightly awkward.
"Hello Harry." He greeted back smiling slightly and looking up from his book. "Um is that still what you want to be called, or do you want to go by Alexander now?"
"I think I'll go by Alexander, it will probably help me move into my new life. Anyway, Draco said he is bringing his father, and that they'll be by shortly. Is that alright?"
"That is fine. Though he raised his eyebrow slightly once he learned that Mr. Malfoy was coming as well.
"Draco said that he wanted to apologize to me." I said, answering his unspoken question.
Severus nodded. "That seems only logical, from what it seems he has done over the years. Though I'm sure from what he explains to you, he will prove that is definitely not the case. And even if it was, it was done because you were on Dumbledore's side."
I nodded. "That makes since, though he should have believed Tom, even if he wasn't around, about me in the first place."
"He did mostly, he just had to keep up appearances."
As if on cue, a loud banging sounded on the door, making me jump slightly.
"That was fairly quick. When Draco said, 'we'll probably be over soon,' I didn't take him that seriously." I said chuckling. Severus chuckled as well and headed towards the door to let them in, motioning for me to follow. When he opened the door, we saw Mr. Malfoy clad in his usual robes along with Draco, who wore robes similar to what he had at the manor.
"Hello Lucius, Draco. Welcome." Severus greeted and motioned for them to come inside. Draco saw me when he walked in and smiled warmly at me. I blushed and waved awkwardly in turn, offering a small smile.
'Damn, he looks hotter everytime I see him.' I heard Draco think.
I must have blushed even redder because Draco got a pink tint to his cheeks, realizing I had heard him.
"Umm... thanks I guess." I stammered. "You do too.
I looked over at the adults, and saw that their eyes had gone wide, and that they had been watching the exchange.
"You shouldn't be able to do that yet." Mr. Malfoy said breathlessly, the complete opposite of his usually composed self.
I scratched the back of my neck sheepishly and glanced over to see that Draco was doing the same.
"Yeah Umm, that's what Draco said but we can I guess. Don't really know why." I answered the unspoken question nervously. Their gazes were making me uncomfortable.
"Well, it seems that you are a lot further along to be expected and with that comes the fact that you will probably physically not be able to leave each other a second time." Severus added.
"Really? That soon?" Draco said surprised.

Severus nodded. "I would assume so. You have had this happen to you early."

Mr. Malfoy began,"Let's put that aside for now, I did come here for a reason. Harry, I apologize for how I have treated you over the years. As I'm sure Severus has said, I had to do it to keep up appearances. Though I must admit, I didn't have to do so to quite the extent that I did. And for that as well I am truly sorry for."

I never thought I would ever hear Lucius Malfoy say those words, and I believe them. I could tell he was completely sincere.
"Thank you Mr. Malfoy for the apology. I forgive you and understand."

Mr. Malfoy smiled obviously surprised I had forgiven him so readily. "Thank you, and please, call me Lucius."

I nodded."Okay, but I insist you must call me Alexander. Same for you Draco. It's my new name now, Alexander Harry Snape."

Both Malfoy boys nodded and I smiled at them, glad that they had accepted the new name so readily.

"You should come and take a seat." Severus said to Lucius. "Alexander, why don't you show Draco to your room."

I nodded. "Come on Draco." I said and began to lead him to my room. We arrived, and I motioned for Draco to sit down on my bed before I sat down next to him.
"Your room here is cool. I like it." I grinned at Draco's statement and grabbed his hand before I realized what I was doing and quickly pulled it away. I looked away from Draco blushing, until I felt a warm hand intertwine my fingers with their's. The hand was warm and slightly rough, clearly a wand hand. I made a mental note to myself that Draco was left handed. But that was besides the point, from where the hand was wrapped around mine, a stream of electricity was flowing through my hand, arm, and pretty much everywhere really.
I made eye contact with Draco.
"You feel that too?" he whispered.
"Y-yeah." I stuttered. There was a strange atmosphere around it, and it felt impenetrable. Though even if it didn't feel that way, I don't think I would have wanted it to end anyway.

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