Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


7. Chapter 7: The Truth About Dumbledore

Harry's P.O.V.

"Umm,  and about the nicknames... I'd prefer it if I went by the full first name instead of a nickname."
"Alright." Snape agreed and then he looked as if he remembered something. "Oh,  and I will be able to get you back into Hogwarts,  and even be able to keep the all knowing Dumbledore from knowing that it's you who's going to be 'transferring' there."
"That is a long story that I'd prefer we get into another time."
I should have been upset that he was keeping something from me,  but we had just found out we were father and son not so long ago. That,  and his tone made it clear that he really was going to tell me another time,  and wasn't just saying that.  
"How is my sorting going to go?"
"You'll probably be sorted before the first years."
"You know,  the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin the first time, but I begged it not to. You know,  the house of the supposed killer of my parents."
Severus smiled slightly and then sighed.
"I really need tell you the truth about all of this." for someone who was just smiling a second ago,  he looked like he had the world placed on his shoulders.
"About all of what?" I pressed.
"About Voldemort and Dumbledore." he ran a hand down his face.
I had no idea what he could be getting ready to tell me,  but I was eager to know. I was actually going to be getting some answers about what was going on after waiting all summer.
"It's a very long story and you have to promise you will not interrupt. " Severus gave me a minor version of his famous glares.
I promised immediately surprised by his sudden glare and wanting him to get on with the story.
Severus nodded and began. "Well there was a prophecy about a boy which you probably know well by now.  Two people received this prophecy,  Dumbledore and Voldemort.  Dumbledore panicked when he read it,  and went straight to James and Lily,  telling them the prophecy.  He of course twisted it around and made it become mostly a lie. You see, it wasn't Voldemort that was destined to bring an end to the Wizarding world as we know it,  but Dumbledore.  It was always Dumbledore.  Dumbledore blamed everything he did on Voldemort.  Dumbledore's the danger to you,  not him. Yes Voldemort did strike you with his powers,  but that was only because he was losing his mind and the actual prophecy,  which is completely different from the one you thought you knew, told him that you would be able to survive and when he came back, his mind would be cleansed and he would be sane again. In the chamber of secrets your second year, the man Quirrell was trying to resurrect was Peter Pettigrew.  And last year in the third task,  the man who was trying to kill you was Dumbledore in disguise. The name Voldemort wasn't even created by Tom Riddle,  Dumbledore made it up to make him seem more ominous.  The man himself still goes by Tom Riddle." he paused.  "You can ask questions now,  I'll tell you the rest after."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  And yet I did, believe it I mean.  There was always something off about Dumbledore and that fact that he never told me anything important and he always seemed to be lying to me about everything.  But if all of this was true,  that raised some questions for sure. "What about my mom and James,  who killed them?"  
Severus looked as if he expected this. "Dumbledore did,  Tom told them the truth about the prophecy and proved it to them. They were going to rebel against him and he couldn't have that. Tom tried to save them,  but he was too late."
So Dumbledore had killed my mother and I had been looking for the wrong person  this whole time.  It was infuriating.  
"And Ron,  Hermione,  and the other Weasleys?  
"As much as I hate to tell you this,  Ron and Hermione were paid to be your friends.  I'm not sure about the other Weasleys though."
I thought they were loyal to Dumbledore,  but this... This I didn't expect.  People were paid to be my friends!?  It was a horrible, horrible thing to do to a person.  Well,  I guess the old Slytherin -  Gryffindor rivalry is going to be kicked up a couple of notches this year.
"Nothing can surprise me anymore. It looks like the house rivalry will be kicked up a few notches. "
Severus rolled his eyes.  "That's your response." He studied me for a moment. "You're already planning out your revenge aren't you."
I gave a sly smile.  "You're a lot more Slytherin than you think." He added. "But if you are Slytherin,  you have to make sure you take self preservation into account.  You can't make it too anxious that you hate their guts so readily."  
I nodded.  "What else is there to tell me?"  
"Well you have two godfathers now. Tom Riddle and Sirius Black,  which you already knew about."
"Tom Riddle's my godfather!?  Wow... Okay. That's fine I guess. With all that you've told me.”

I suddenly remembered that I had to ask something,  even if it was mostly off topic. "Can Draco come over today? I kinda sorta invited him."
"That's fine. Though it's kinda odd that he's your mate and my Godson."
I shrugged my shoulders and blushed slightly at the use of the word 'mate.'
"Thank you Severus." I responded.  "I should probably tell him."
He nodded and I walked off into my room so I could focus better and sent the message through my mind.

"Hey Draco, Severus said you could come over."
There was a pause and then I heard his voice echoing in my mind.
"Okay, see you soon."  He paused.  “Oh and Harry?”


“My um,  my father,  insists on coming with me,  so he can formally apologize to you for the way he has been acting towards you the past four years.”

“He what?!”


​*Author's Note: Oh I know, I left a cliff-hanger! I just couldn't think of another way to end the chapter. Don't hate me! Dumbledore has now been exposed for his evilness! [Gives evil laugh] I know it's been forever since I updated and I'm so sorry! Life has just caught up to me! Oh and I'm writing a Scorbus story (Albus Severus Potter x Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy) Go check it out if you like the pairing! I'd love it if you did! Bye! :-)*

​Up next: Lucius and Draco come over


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