Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


6. Chapter 6: Basics

Harry's P. O. V.  

Snape started to head towards the kitchen and I followed.  He pulled out a pan from a cupboard,  and began to fill it with water.  He placed it on the stove and charmed it to start heating.  
"Let me help. " I offered,  not wanting to seem helpless and just watch him do it.  
"Can you cook?"  He asked with a raised eyebrow.  
"Yeah," I said while sheepishly scratching the back of my head, "My aunt and uncle used to have me cook for them all the time."
He looked furious for a flicker of a moment,  then sad. "You didn't get to have a childhood."
"Hey,  it's okay,  it prepared me for the future."
Snape looked even more sorrowed. "You shouldn't have had to be prepared."
He paused for a moment,  "You can help.  Ever made spaghetti before?"  
I was surprised he was making such a muggle meal.  
"Umm... Yeah,  loads of times."
Snape smirked a bit.  "Surprised I'm making a muggle dish? Well I'm a half-blood. I happen to have grown up in a muggle home, my father didn't like magic much."
I was surprised,  I just assumed that he was a pure blood,  though Snape was not a very common wizard surname.  
I decided that instead of commenting,  I would get to work.  A glance at the water showed that it was boiling by now,  so I grabbed the box of noodles he had set out on the counter and dumped them into the pan.  I looked over and saw that Snape was grabbing another pan and filling it with hamburger and pizza sauce,  before applying another heating charm onto it.  He glanced at the pan and saw that I had put the noodles into the water and handed me a spoon from another drawer.  I quickly stirred it and noticed how fast it was cooking.  Must have been the heating charm, you'd think I'd be used to magic after about 5 years.
He took the pan from me then and drained the water from it, before storing the sauce and it together.
"Harry,  can you grab a couple plates and some forks and place them on the table." He motioned towards the same cabinet from earlier and another,  as well as a simple black table in the corner that had  two chairs placed at it.  
I did as he asked and placed them on the table,  before he placed the spaghetti on the plates and we both sat down to eat.  I took a bite,  before I thought of something.
"What should I call you?" I asked.  I hadn't realized I had caught him mid bite,  so I waited a moment for him to swallow.  
"Severus or Sev is fine,  Sev is what Lily used to call me." Sna-Severus  smiled slightly as he said this.  
"Uh okay... Severus."
The rest of the meal was spent in a comfortable silence.  It should have been awkward all things considered,  but it...  wasn't.  Severus was right,  none of our past mattered now.
"Why don't you get to bed Harry,  it's been a long day.  And tomorrow may be longer.  Besides,  I'm sure Draco would like to see you."
I blushed furiously and nodded.  "Okay,  Umm...  Goodnight Severus."
"Goodnight Harry."
Before I headed to my room,  I moved to pick up my plate,  but Severus stopped me.  
"Don't worry about it. "
Instead of protesting I just nodded and continued on to my room.  My room,  it sounded amazing even in my own head.
As soon as I got there,  I lied down on the bed carefully,  and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
I was in the same meadow that I had been the past three days,  except Draco was facing me this time,  looking worried.  
"What happened? Are you alright?" This was the first time that Draco hadn't started a dream smirking. This Draco was going to take some getting used to,  but I definitely liked him much better than the old Draco.
"I'm good. Umm does the mind thing work in dreams?  Because it would be a lot easier if I could just show you." I should have known this and I probably could have figured it out,  but I figured it was a good way to tell him what I would be doing first.
Draco nodded so I began to show him everything.
By the time I was finished,  he looked absolutely thunderstruck.
"Well,  that makes this a bit weird because he's my godfather.  But I am so happy for you Harry.  You deserve this,  especially after everything you've been through,  Sev's the best."
I raised an eyebrow.  "Sev?"  I said laughing.  I couldn't believe he actually called him that,  even if Severus had offered for me to call him that.  
Draco gave me a glare,  which I laughed at.
"You know,  anyone else would have cowered at the 'ice princes'  glare."
"Well,  I'm not anyone else."
"You're right,  you’re not." The fond smile Draco was giving me made me blush and look away.  I thought of something then though.
"Do you want to come over tomorrow? I mean,  I'd have to ask Severus,  but..." I was nervous then,  and slightly guilty feeling.  I had just came to Severus' place today and was already inviting people over.
"Sure Harry,  you can just tell me what he says. And don't feel guilty,  Sev will understand."
"That really is going to take some getting used to. " I chuckled then added. "Is it possible to read or send thoughts long distance,  I haven't tried."
"I think so,  tell me what he says that way?"
"Yeah." I initiated the hug again this time,  wrapping my arms tightly around Draco.  
"Goodbye Draco." I whispered.

"Goodbye Harry." he whispered back,  hugging me just as tightly.  

I opened my eyes,  the sun shining in from a window of the room I hadn't noticed.  For having hated Draco with a passion a few days ago,  I was falling hard for him,  and fast.  It didn't seem possible.  Everything didn't make since,  and I had a large overwhelming feeling that it was about to get a lot more confusing.  
I got up and opened up my trunk that was now somehow sitting at the foot of my bed.  I pulled out one of my school robes,  and was about to put it on when I realized it was going to be too small.  I ended up just grabbing one of the oversized hand me down t-shirt and pants before heading out of my room.  When I walked into the living room,  I saw Severus stacking a bunch of important looking papers and looking serious.  
"Good morning Severus." I greeted brightly.  
"Good morning Harry.  I know that you probably have a lot on your mind right now but we need to establish something.  You can't just show up to hogwarts looking like you do now.  You are probably going to have to be resorted,  and you need a new name.  Unfortunately,  all we can do for now is the name."
I hadn't thought of this.  I wasn't as upset as I should have been though at this prospect.  I was practically looking good my I density after all.  But maybe this could be good for me.  I wouldn't have the fame I never wanted.  I smiled. Severus look shocked at my reaction,  but smiled back.
"Um,  okay." I began, "I want my middle name to at least be Harry."
Severus nodded. "That is fine."
"Um,  and do you think that maybe,  I could have your last name?"  I said uncertainly.
Severus smiled, "I have no objections,  of course.  You’re my son,  I would want you to have my name,  even if you hadn't asked." Severus was doing a lot more smiling now than I would have ever thought I would see.
"Okay and um,  I have no idea for a first name."
"How about Alexander? Xander or Alex for short. I have always liked the name."
I smiled. "That's perfect."
Snape smiled back and leaned over to fill out the information on the papers. When he finished he asked if he could borrow Hedwig and I nodded saying that he could.  He gave the papers to her and sent her off.
"Alexander Harry Snape it is."

*Author's Note: I am so sorry it took me so long to update! Things happened and well... I didn't update.  Harry may end up being a bit oc,  so I hope you forgive me!

Up next: More surprises

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