Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


4. Chapter 4: An Upsidedown World

 Harry’s P.O.V.

We kept walking for awhile, until we stopped at a door. Draco reached for the handle and opened the door and walked in, beckoning for me to follow him. When I looked in it was a fairly typical bedroom, pale blue walls with silver accents, and a dark wooden bed frame with white sheets and confider. Everything was clean, in a pristine OCD way.

“I am not OCD.” Draco groaned.

I chuckled. “So this is your room then?” I asked though it was plainly obvious that it was. The room suited him.

He nodded and motioned for me to sit down on a couch in the corner of the room I hadn’t noticed before. I obliged and crossed my arms over my chest. I realized I was sitting on my wings slightly, and though it was slightly uncomfortable, I ignored it. I decided to strike up a conversation.

“So, traveling by house elf sucks.”

I had never seen Draco laugh a real, sincere laugh before. It lit up his eyes, his face. It made him look… beautiful.

‘Oh shit!,’ I thought, ‘I hope he wasn't listening to my thoughts at the moment. I glance over at him again and he was smiling. So my guess was that he wasn’t.

“You’ll get used to it. But, if you don't mind me asking, how come you didn't have any way to get here?”

As much as I didn’t want to tell him at the moment, I figured that I should. I had to start somewhere if we were going to get to know each other.

“It’s a long story.” I started with a sigh.

He gave me an encouraging smile. “We have time.”

“Well, I live with my muggle aunt and uncle, Vernon and Petunia Dursley and have lived with them since Dumbledore dropped me off there when my parents died. I knew nothing of magic until I was eleven, and Hagrid picked me up from this old fallen in shack that Vernon drove us to to try and hide from the millions of Hogwarts acceptance letters that were repeatedly sent to the Dursleys’.”

“Wait, you lived with a muggle family?! You didn’t know about magic until you were eleven?!” Draco was shocked.

I nodded sadly. “That’s not even the worst part. I lived in the cupboard under the stairs for eleven years, was forced to do all the cooking and cleaning, and wasn't even allowed to eat it most of the time. So mostly, I was starved.” Draco’s eyes kept getting wider and wider as I continued. “I am verbally and sometimes physically abused, depending on the day.” I am not one for breaking down, but at this point silent years were falling down my face. Draco hesitated for a moment, and then wrapped his arms around Harry, pulling him close. I was instantly calm, happy even, it was the oddest sensation. I felt safe, for the first time in what felt like centuries. I reached up and wiped the remaining tears from my eyes, and looked up into Draco’s. It was like a long closed door had been opened, and I saw into Draco’s mind, much deeper than I ever had before. I saw memories from his point of view. One from first year. Draco was with his friends on the train to Hogwarts, and he spotted me. It was weird, seeing yourself from a different point of view.

‘There’s the boy from Madam Malkin’s, maybe I should go talk to him.’

He walked over the compartment that the younger me was in, but stopped. He hadn't noticed my scar before.

‘The boy in the shop was Harry Potter?! The Harry Potter?! How did I not notice?!’

He then continued to walk towards the compartment, and then he saw Ron. He was angry, not because of what family he was, but because he was talking to Harry when it should have been him. He started to walk towards the compartment once again, but was again stopped. A buck toothed girl with curly hair was standing at the entrance to the compartment, asking if they’d seen a boy named Neville’s toad. While she was doing that Crabbe and Goyle had joined him, and shortly after the curly haired girl left. This time, he wasn’t taking any chances. He swiftly walked up to their compartment and began. ‘"They’re saying all down the train that Harry Potter is in this compartment. So it's you is it?”’ He said looking at the younger me.

“Yes.”  The younger me said, not looking at him, but at his comrades.

“Oh and this is Crabbe and Goyle. And the names Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”

I then found out that by introducing himself that way, he was trying to sound confident to impress me. It then moved on to me denying his hand, him hiding hurt, and being angry, because I had hurt him.

The other vision I was shown was similar, with me hurting Draco. I hadn’t even noticed. I was feeling horrible when I came too, even with Draco’s arms still around me and me still looking into his eyes.

“How did you do that?” he asked shocked.

Instead of answering I replied, “I’m so sorry Draco. I had no idea. I feel like a horrible person.”

He smiled reassuringly and thought ‘I like the sound of my name on your lips.’

I blushed furiously, though I still felt horrible. Draco spoke allowed this time, and though he was smirking, his voice was still as reassuring as his smile from before. “Hey, it's okay, you couldn't have known. I have been equally as much a git as you have, if not worse. So, let's call it even, okay?”

I nodded and smiled slightly, before glancing down at my watch, it was already 8:30! I had to get back if I wanted to get dinner, unbeknownst to the Dursleys, and get enough sleep for a day with Snape that was sure to be emotionally draining.

“And why are you meeting with Snape?” Draco asked curiously, having read my mind again.

“To see if he can tell me why I look like him.”

“That's a good idea.” Draco said, nodding.

“Can you call Tracy here and ask if he could take me back now?”


I could tell he was debating with something, and when I saw what it was, I smiled slightly, and decided to initiate it. We were both standing now, so I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around him. He quickly did the same and absentmindedly nuzzled his face into my shoulder. The hug lasted for what felt like hours, and then they separated. Draco called for Tracy, and he appeared almost instantaneously.

“Yes Masters Draco and Masters Potter?”

“Harry would like to go home now. Would you take him?” Draco asked, and I was surprised he was giving him a choice.

“Yes Masters Draco.”

I looked at Draco once more. “Goodbye Draco.”

“Goodbye Harry.” He replied, smiling. “See you in our dream.”  

And with that, Tracy had grabbed my arm and the same dizzying sensation that brought me to the Manor brought me back to Privet Dr. I again dry heaved for a moment, and then bid Tracy goodbye. I ran down from my room, which was where Tracy had brought me, and to the refrigerator to get some food. I was starving, I hadn’t eaten at all today. Though there wasn't much, the Dursleys were obviously planning to go to the store when they got back, there was enough for me to make macaroni and cheese. When I finished making it, I quickly dipped it out of the bowl and scarfed it down. I finished quickly, and then washed the dishes I used and put them away,  before dashing up the stairs and back to the second bedroom. I carefully lied down on the bed and closed my eyes and was out instantly.

My dream with Draco consisted of a long time of talking, and ended in a hug like before. All in all, I think it was the best dream yet. When I woke up I saw that Hedwig was back, tho time with no letter tied to her leg. I glanced at my watch. I had slept until noon! I only had an hour before Snape arrived. I raced to quickly throw on a clean red shirt and normal jeans, along with a pair of socks. I ran down the stairs quickly, and ate a bowl of the only cereal they had, raisin bran, and sat down on the Dursleys’ couch before glancing at my watch again. Snape would be here in 10 minutes. I hadn’t realized that it had taken me that long to eat and throw some clothes on.

Throughout the entire ten minutes, I sat nervously fidgeting, and it ended up feeling like an hour.

The doorbell rang at exactly one o’clock. I jumped up and dashed to the door, but paused before opening it. When I opened the door, he would see me, and realize exactly what the urgent problem I wrote him about was. If he even believed that I was telling the truth about who I was. I opened the door, and there stood Snape. I looked him in the eyes, and his carefully composed expression turned to one of shock.


Resigned, I said in a calm voice, “Come in. We need to talk.”

I started walking and Snape followed after he closed the door and when I sat down on the couch, he did the same. He started questioning me immediately, “Why do you look like me Potter?!” It was funny, because he didn’t even question me about the wings.

“I have no idea. I woke up like this the day before yesterday, which was my fifteenth birthday.”

Snape’s eyes widened in sudden realization. “No, no, no, no! It couldn’t be, could it? But, the wings, they look just like… and he looks like… oh no what am I going to do?” All the while Snape was mumbling this to himself, and he didn’t expect me to hear him, but I did.

“So you know what’s happening to me,” I said with my eyebrows raised and arms crossed, “Care to explain?” Surprisingly enough, he didn’t comment on my tone.

He sighed and began, “I think I’m your father, Harry.”

With that simple phrase, my world was turned upside down. 

​*Author's Note: I updated two days in a row! I can't believe it myself. I think this is my favorite chapter so far. What do you think? I am now having to go back to school from a three day break, boo. I actually may have put a bit of homework off to finish writing this chapter. Oops. It was worth it.

​Up Next: A family, and a helpful Draco.



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