Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


3. Chapter 3: Trials and Temptations

 Harry's P.O.V.

​I was first annoyed when I opened my eyes after the dream. That is, until I looked over and saw that it was morning and best of all, Hedwig was back. My foul mood had disappeared entirely when I saw what she had attached to her leg. My replies from Snape and Malfoy. I hastily unbound them after quickly stroking Hedwig's feathers, eager to read each of the replies, and sat back down on the bed. I grabbed the first letter, which happened to be Malfoy's, and began to read.



I told you I would write. You shouldn’t feel stupid writing to me, even if we used to be enemies. None of that is relevant now. I agree we should talk somewhere other than a dream, somewhere real. Wings aside, we should still meet somewhere private. How about today at Malfoy Manor? Twelve o’clock sharp. Send your reply on the back.

                                                                                                                    Yours truly,                                                                        

                                                                                                                           Draco Malfoy

P.S. My father charmed the parchment, only you and I can read it. We can talk freely here.


When I finished, I felt relieved. It would be amazing to be able to write to someone freely, without the fear of someone intercepting the letter and being able to read what we wrote. Not only that though. Draco’s letter proved it. All of this was completely real, everything that happened in the dreams, me being part Veela, all of it. I sat in glee for a moment, as silly as it seems. But, you would be too if you were certain that you were crazy. God, I’m justifying myself to my own  brain, maybe I am crazy. I laughed to myself and then decided I would reply to Draco’s letter after I had read Snape’s. I opened the letter.


Mr. Potter,

I can not fathom as to why you felt the need to write to me of all people about your problem Potter, but you better not waste my time. Expect my presence by 1p.m. tomorrow evening.

                                                                                Professor Snape


To say that I was surprised would be the understatement of the century. I thought my letter was pointless, that nothing was going to come if it. But, Snape was actually going to hear me out? Wow. I couldn’t believe it. I was so relieved. It was so much easier than I thought it would be.


I figured I wouldn’t need to reply to Snape’s letter, so I picked up Draco’s letter, flipped it over and began to reply to his.



I’d fine with that. But, would l I even be welcome there? I mean, I don’t really get the impression that your father likes me. I’m ‘The Golden Boy.’ And even if I was welcome, I don’t have a way to get there. If you have an answer to that, then I’ll be there.

                                                             Harry Potter


I folded up the letter, tied it to Hedwig’s leg, and sent her off again. Just the same as before, I was saddened by her leave. But, it was worth it if I was going to be able to get out of Privet Dr. for a while.


I carefully lied back down on my side, thinking about Malfoy and I’s relationship over the past four years to now. Had I ever really hated him like I thought I did over the years? Weirdly, I already knew the answer to that question. No, I didn't really hate him at all. I only acted like I did against Malfoy because it was what was expected of me, because it was what Ron wanted. I stuck to what Ron wanted because he was the first person to be nice to me, other than Hagrid. And, even so, one of the only things he did when we first met was gawk at my scar. He didn't really follow through when I needed him most, like during the Triwizard Tournament last year, when he got jealous over fame that I never even wanted. He was never really my friend. Hermione, well, she and Ron were destined to be together, so she would choose his side in the end. Malfoy was the only one who didn’t treat me like I was some famous person who needed to be coddled and wasn’t able to do anything. He made fun of my fame, but, other than that, he treated me like a normal person. Even if I was his four year long enemy. Ron was the only reason why I refused his hand and house, and if I hadn’t listened to him, I would be friends with Draco Malfoy. That was my biggest regret of all.


I glanced down at the leather watch clasped around my wrist, and I was surprised at the time, it was already 11:49, eleven minutes before I was technically supposed to go to Malfoy Manor. Suddenly, I looked up at the sound of tapping on the window. I had expected to see Hedwig, but instead, to my surprise, there was a scrawny house elf. I rushed over and opened the window to let the house elf in, wondering why she hadn't just used magic to get inside. The house elf jumped from the window, to the dresser, to the floor and began to speak in a high, squeaky voice.

“Name’s Tracy, sir. I has come to retrieve you for Masters Draco sir.”

“Did Malfo- Draco, say anything to tell me in particular?”

“Oh yes sir, he’s told me to tells yous that yous always welcome at the Manor sir.”

I nodded and then was about to let Tracy take my arm when I remembered something. “Wait, Tracy, why didn't you just apparate into my room instead of knocking on the window?”

“Tracy didn't want to be rude sir.”

I nodded though I was a little shocked, Dobby didn’t seem to care about being rude. I chuckled to myself, and when Tracy reached for my arm this time, I allowed him to take it. Even if I disapproved of the use of house elf slavery, I had to get to Malfoy’s somehow.

When we disapparated, the world seemed to twist and turn in a dizzying way, and then we were in the foyer of Malfoy Manor. I leaned forward, my hands on my knees dry heaving for a second or two, before I was able to stand up straight again. When I looked over to ask Tracy about that I saw that he had disappeared.

“Great,” I mumbled to myself,”How in the bloody hell am I going to be able to find Malfoy in this maze?”

I looked up, and realized I was saved when I saw Malfoy walking towards me with Tracy by his side. He looked slightly different than in the dreams, and I realized why. He had had a glammer put over his wings, and was wearing fancy robes over top. I had to admit, even without the wings, he was gorgeous.

I looked up at his face and saw that he was smirking. And all the sudden, I was hit with a rush of thoughts that were not my own.

‘He is looking gorgeous as always. I wonder if he realizes I can read his thoughts?’

I knew who’s thoughts they were immediately. So I answered them aloud.

“I do now.” I felt some satisfaction at the sight of his smirk faltering a little.

“You heard that did you? Well at least now you know that I think you're gorgeous too.” The smirk was now back completely, and even larger than before.

“How about I show you around, and then we can talk.” Even with the smirk still firmly plastered on his face, I had never seen Malfoy look so… unsure.

‘I hope he likes me,’ I heard in Malfoy’s thoughts, ‘Even if I have been a pretentious git to him over the years.’

I was surprised, he was worried about me liking him? I was worried about him liking me to be honest.

He turned his head up to look at me, surprise written all over his face, and he didn't even attempt to hide it. I nodded my head at his question from before, and we began to walk.

“You know, you’re not supposed to be able to do that yet, let alone so easily.”

“What do you mean?” Now I was confused. What did he mean I shouldn’t be able to yet? He could, so why couldn’t I?

“Well, your birthday was yesterday, and it’s supposed to be another month before you get any extra abilities, even if you already meet your mate, it’s unheard of.”

Great, another thing on the list of a billion that makes me different from other people.

“You’re a good different. An amazing different.” I was surprised at the sincerity in Malfoy’s voice.

“You think so, Malfoy?”

“I know so. Oh, and don’t call me Malfoy anymore, it’s Draco.”

Through my shock, I was glad Malf- Draco had said something sooner rather than later.

“Okay. Then It’s Harry.” 

​*Author's Note: I can't believe I updated so quickly! This chapter is actually about two times as long as my last two. I apologize to the people who read the up next before I changed it, I was going to do that, but then one thing lead to another... and then this happened, lol. I am definitely going to include the visit with Snape in the next chapter. (I posted the chapter a few days ago by accident, I wasn't finished with it and it had a glitch, so I took it off. I am so sorry!)

​Up Next: A life changing visit from Snape and a finished visit with Draco.



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