Harry Potter discovers that he is part Veela and one of his parents may not be who he thought they were. Join Harry as he finds out the truth, his enemy becomes his mate, and everything Harry ever thought was right is proven wrong.
(Set in fith year.) DRARRY

WARNING: Lots of gay, don't like GO AWAY! Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Dumbledore bashing! Good Voldemort.


1. Chapter 1: Wings

Harry's POV

I loved the way the morning dew grass felt in between my toes, it gave me peace at the Dursley's when I was completely cut off from the Wizarding World. It made me feel like I belonged, the grass got to live like I've always wanted to, hidden amongst many, but equally as important as the next. I didn't want to be considered above others, all I had done was what the adults were too thick headed to do themselves. I've learned not to trust adults, first my aunt and uncle, then professor Quirrell, Mad Eye Moody, and the list keeps going and going. Bloody hell, even Dumbledore, he refused to tell me anything even after I had fought Voldemort and watched Cedric Diggory die during the third task.
I stared up at the sky, it was still sunrise, the Dursley's for whatever reason decided that this year was the year I was going to start doing chores again, always starting in the garden at the crack of dawn. I didn't always have something to do out there, so I just stood in the grass and started up at the sky. I loved to look up at the clouds, see that different things they looked like, even after my past 4 years at Hogwarts, I still hadn't lost the habit. It was something I had done ever since I was dropped at the Dursley's. I realized the sun had pretty much risen, and I had to go inside. I shuffled my feet a bit and trudged inside unwillingly, if I didn't start breakfast the walrus and Ostrich family would scream at me, and I would be sent to my room for the rest of the day, foodless and starving. I hated it at the Dursley's. But, ol' Dumblydore doesn't think it wise that I join Hermione and Ron, who won't tell me anything either, wherever the hell they are.
At this moment in time, I was laying thin slices of bacon onto a pan to fry, making sure I got the fatty pieces, because the walruses loved them the most. The walruses, aka Uncle Vernon and Dudley Dursley, were very large with meaty hands and made the sound of an elephant whenever the walked anywhere, while my Aunt Petunia, was long necked, skinny, and beak faced.
A couple of minutes had already passed, and I was now finishing up the baken, and had started on making enough pancakes to feed a small village, Uncle Vernon came thumping down the stairs.
"Is it done boy?!" Vernon asked in a louder than necessary voice.
"Almost, sir." I barely managed not to ground out.
"It better be you little freak!"
At the last comment my hand tightened around the spatula,  and I could feel my grip on my magic loosen, threatening to lash out, so I struggled to control my anger.
"Don't call me a freak!" I spat.
Vernon visibly paled, I think he could see that I was close to the edge.  But he either didn't believe that I would really do anything, or he was just really stupid, so he stood his ground for a second and then walked away to get the Sunday paper. A few minutes later I finished making breakfast, and called up the stairs that it was ready, and a set of loud footsteps followed by daintier ones came down the stairs and Vernon walked back into the room. They all sat down and started eating, before Vernon paused and looked up at me.
"Boy, we are going on a business trip in an hour and you are staying here, you are not to touch anything and stay in your room, we will be back in a week."
I nodded jerkily, turned away and stomped up the stairs to my room, forgoing breakfast and  collapsing to my bed with a sigh.
"At least now," I mumbled to myself, "I won't have to deal with them." The Dursleys, no matter how loathsome, provided a distraction from the fact that my friends and Dumbledore, didn't feel the need to tell me what the hell was going on and what Voldy was up to, or my dreams reliving the night Cedric died.
With nothing else to do, I closed my eyes, and dreamed.

A boy, tall, lean, and blond was standing in a tall meadow of green with only his back facing me. It could have been a completely normal boy, if it weren't for his stunning good looks and, most importantly, his long feather like scaled wings tucked between his shoulder blades. I don't know why I did, but I slowly started to approach him. ​"So you've finally come." The boy said, though his back was still turned to me. ​I was so surprised I jumped slightly and halted in my steps. It wasn't just because the boy had spoken so suddenly, it was because his voice was so amazingly and stunningly beautiful, yet so eerily familiar.

​"You've been expecting me?" I asked, slightly breathless.

​"For a month now actually, today's your 15th birthday, is it not?" His voice was like velvet, yet cold and distant at the same time.

​"How'd you know?" I asked and then felt very stupid, and mumbled, "Right, of course, It's a dream, duh...stupid Harry, nothing like this could actually happen." 

​Just then, a hand landed on my shoulder, I hadn't noticed he had turned around and had started walking towards me. My eyes slowly followed the hand up the arm, to the shoulder, and to the very beautiful, yet frighteningly familiar face. Draco Malfoy.

"Malfoy?!" I whisper yelled in surprise.

​"Yes, Potter?" Draco smirked slightly.

"Is this a dream?" I hastily asked.

​"If it were, why would you be dreaming of me?" He countered, smirking his signature Malfoy smirk.

​"Definitely not a mind couldn't think something this accurate..." I mumbled. Malfoy must have heard me, because his smirk only widened. "Why are you even here anyways?"

​"Like I said, I've been waiting for you." Draco repeated.

​"And why have you been waiting for me?" I asked irritated.

"You'll have to see for yourself when you wakeup." For a moment, I saw pity flash in Draco's eyes, before I became aware that everything was slipping away."


​I slowly became aware of a lumpy mattress under my fingertips, and a stabbing pain in my upper back.

​"What the hell..." I groaned to myself, and rolled off the mattress and onto the floor, before pushing myself up off the ground and walking over to a mirror that the Dursleys had already had in there when they moved me out of my cupboard and into the second bedroom.

My eyes widened in shock at what I saw in the mirror. Spread out before me in the same feather and scale look, except for the fact that mine were black instead of white, were two wings, coming from the exact same spot my back was hurting.


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