Cover store *OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

This is my cover store! Just follow the instructions on the first chapter and comment what you need! :)


1. Instructions

Hey guys! This is my first cover store! If you want a cover, just comment the following below!


2. Title:


4. Brief blurb/summary:


6. Ideas*:


3. The filters I have are as follows, Cali, Drama, Edge, Epic, Grayscale, Nordic, Retro, Rosie, Selfie, Street, Summer, The Blues, and Whimsical.

5. If you have a quote from the book you'd like on your cover, put it here.

6. If you have an idea of what you want your cover to look like, tell me here.

To get the cover you can either hit print screen on your keyboard or if you have a mac, you can screen shot it by hitting Control-shift-4.

Hope you guys enjoy this! Start commenting right away and I'll get on them in the next 24-48 hours. Hope you have a wonderful day/night (whatever time it is when your reading this) and I'll see you all later!

-Willow <3


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