FASTLANE 2 (Zootopia)

Jervis Holewhaler, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and Mark Tyson are back! After a month of the recent events, there's a new criminal running loose! When a criminal came back for revenge, it's up to Jervis, Judy, Nick and Mark to capture this criminal and arrest her. Little did they know that they have to approach someone they're not comfortable with...





1. Part 1

Two One Five Productions


A orange fox opened the door of a room. She went to one of her armchairs and sat. She took out her phone and called someone, "Hello? Boss, KS here."

"Get me out of this jail quick," the guy at the other line said, "I'm using this phone provided by Timothy. That's why I'm able to call."

"Great," KS said, "I'm coming." She then closed her phone. She snapped her fingers and immediately, a drawer came out. She took out Judy and Nick's pictures and pasted them on the wall. She also placed a photo of Zootopia.

"Nick Wilde," The fox sneered, "If not for you, my sister would be leading a peaceful life. You shall pay for your mistakes."

She took out a pen and draw a bomb on the photo of Zootopia.

"I will bomb this place," The fox said, "Well, I'd like to see it burn into ashes. Stupid Bogo, tiny Finnick, crazy Gazelle, fucking Weaselton."

She then took a knife and dragged the knife against Judy's face.

"Fiirst, Zootopia, then this bunny shall be out of this world," The fox clenched her fists, "And Nick would be the last. Terrific."

The fox laughed evilly as she stab the knife at Nick's face.



It was a normal day. Jervis woke up from his sleep. He went downstairs to take a shower. He then went to his garage. Judy is leaning on her purple Ferrari F12, waiting for Jervis.

"You're damn early", Jervis teased, "You're serious, aren't you?"

"Of course I am, Uncle!" Judy laughed, "I honor my word. Since I lost on the race and there's no good dinner place, I'll treat you to breakfast. I've checked the best places for breakfast."

She hopped into her car, "Hop in, Uncle." Jervis smiled and went in.

Nick and Mark went to the Ben's Bar for breakfast.

"Hey, Mark!" Benson welcomed the duo, "Who's this fox?"

"He's Nick," Mark said, "My friend."

"Oh, hi, Nick," Benson took out his hand. Nick shook it.

"Hi. What's your name?"


"Okay, Benson," Nick sat down on the chair, "What's on your breakfast menu?"

"Scramble eggs and bacon with a soft drink," Benson said.

"Cool," Nick said, "I'll take it."

Benson went into the kitchen. Mark then turned to Nick.

"I guarantee the food her is super delicious," Mark said.

"I would like to believe you," Nick said as Mark asked Benson for the controller to switch on the television.

"It's beside the mustard sauce bottle!" Benson shouted. Mark went to take the controller and switched on the television. He switched to the news channel.

"Holy god damn shit," Mark said, "Nick, better come and have a look at this."

Nick turned towards the television.

"This is Trisha Tah, CBN in Zootopia," the news reporter reported, "Just minutes ago, there is a terrorist attack including twelve foxes. They attacked some residents in Zootopia. Sixty were reported injured. Nine were dead. Let's ask some people about their experiences just now."

The news reporter walked to a otter.

"Mr Emmet Otterton, how do you feel now?"

"I'm fine," Emmet said, "I think that I'm still shocked about what just happened. It happened super fast. One moment, I was walking. The next moment, I was down."

"What happened?"

"Five foxes that look alike stole my wallet and had beaten me up. After a few seconds, they went off. They said to me, 'This is just the beginning."

"Thank you for letting me interview you, Mr Otterton," Trisha then walked into the van, "Jason is now going to interview Gazelle. Let's head for the news station. When we come back after the break, Gazelle is going to tell us what she felt."

Nick look at Mark, "Foxes invading Zootopia? I don't think that's possible."

"We'll just have to hear what Gazelle has to say later," Mark said.

Benson came out with the scramble eggs and bacon, "Enjoy."

Nick grabbed the spoon and fork, "Thanks. Looks nice."

As Nick was about to eat, the news show had returned from its break. Jason, the interviewer, is interviewing Gazelle.

"Ms Gazelle," Jason asked, "May I ask what your opinions on this are?"

"I feel that Zootopia is supposed to be a harmonious place for prey and predators alike, but I guess this isn't the case. This is way worse than the Night Howler case. We can never be too sure when these terrorists will come back after what they have done to us today, but we must be prepared. We will, from now on, train our young and old citizens of Zootopia to fight for the nation, prey and predators alike."

Benson switched off the television, "Never ruin your breakfast mood."

Nick sighed, "I've already ruined it. Anyone wants to eat my bacon and eggs?"

In Zootopia, Chief Bogo walked to some officers and gave them some papers.

"Solve all these out," Chief Bogo said, "These are the suspected foxes involved in the attack. Bring them to the police station and interview them."

"Yes, Chief!" The officers ran off. Many other officers scattered around the police station, trying to figure out what on earth happened a few minutes ago. Though it was about to be dinner time, nobody went to take dinner. Everybody went to the military camp and trained themselves.

At the military camp, a staff commander was commanding animals and making sure they are doing the right drills.

Gazelle walked to the commander and pulled him out.

"How's it going, Madden?"

"It's going very well, Gazelle," Madden said, "They just need to sharpen their skills a little."

"Thanks for your help, Madden. I know I could count on you."

"No problem," Madden then went back to commanding.

In Miami, in Jervis's house, Jervis, Nick, Judy and Mark sat down on the sofa.

"So, I've heard that Zootopia's being attacked by terrorists," Jervis said, "What happened?"

"Beats me," Nick shrugged his shoulders, "The news reporters said that five fox terrorists came in and attacked a part of Zootopia. They also said to Emmett Otterson that this is just the beginning."

"Just the beginning?" Jervis nodded his head slowly, "Interesting. What are all these foxes thinking?"

"They must have a boss," Judy voiced out, "Once we find the boss, we will arrest her and punish her for terrorizing Zootopia."

"Great idea," Mark replied, "The problem is, how are we going to find her? It's not some kind of magic that she will appear in the middle of nowhere."

"Hmm," Jervis scratched his chin, then looked at Nick and Judy, "I got've an idea."

A few minutes later, Nick drove his Mercedes out with Judy on the passenger seat.

"We'll be looking out, asking people around," Nick said.

"How do we even know all these humans here know what on earth happened?" Judy asked.

"There might be a little, small and tiny chance, and we must make use of it."

Nick and Judy asked around about the Zootopia attack and whether anyone knew the foxes, know why the attack happened or who the boss is. Unfortunately, they are unable to get an answer at the end of the day.

Nick and Judy took dinner at a restaurant. Judy took carrot salad while Nick took chicken rice.

"What a hard day," Judy sighed.

"Indeed it is," Nick said, "Gazelle saying Zootopia's getting attacked by foxes. Would people no longer trust foxes like me anymore?"

Judy looked at Nick, then touched his hand, "You're a different kind of fox. You're a kind and a smart one. Nobody will hate you."

"Thanks for comforting," Nick touched Judy's hands and smiled at Judy. She smiled back.

Jervis, Ben and Mark went to a pub. Mark and Ben ordered beer while Jervis brought his own iced Milo drink in his water bottle.

"Why don't you just try beer?" Mark asked, "It's nice. It's tasty."

"Yeah, you use tasty for a drink?" Jervis laughed, "Nice English you used there."

"Anyway," Ben interrupted, "Why don't you just drink?"

"Well, I'm not the type of the person to drink beer," Jervis explained, "Whenever I drink beer, I will get kind of crazy. Remembered what happened to me last year?"

"I remembered," Mark laughed, "When you drank the beer, you went to your home and vomited for like 2 hours."

"Well, that's kind of disgusting," Ben said.

"That's why I don't take beer anymore," Jervis said, "But let's talk less now. Let's drink to our heart's content."

Mark, Ben and Jervis took up their drinks and clanked them together, "To a happy brotherhood!"

The next day, Nick and Judy continued searching for people who might know about the Zootopia attack. Still, they have no answer. They met up in Nick's house at lunchtime.

"I've no clues," Nick asked Judy, "How about you? Did you find any clues?"

Judy shook her head, "Nobody seemed to know about what happened. However, there was someone who I think actually knew and decided not to tell me."

"Well then, who is it?"

"She was a fox, like you. She is also orange, like you. She wore a ninja scarf around her neck. When I asked her the question, she told me she knew nothing, but her face didn't say so."

"What's with her face?"

"Her face was like a little smile and after I walked off, I hid behind the house to hear what she said. She said, "Serves them right."

"This fox must know a lot," Judy concluded, "We must try to force her to say it."

"Enough talking," Nick said, "Let's grab our lunch and then find that fox."

Judy nodded.

After lunch, Nick drove her Mercedes. Judy hopped in and Nick drove off. While Judy is looking around, Nick took out his phone and looked at some messages with his father and mother.

Suddenly, Nick's car collided with another car. Nick and Judy hit their heads on the windscreen. Judy groaned in pain while Nick rubbed his head and got out of the car.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Nick shouted as he walked angrily to the car that collided with them. The car driver then came out of the door. That's when Nick stop shouting.

An orange female fox came out of the car and waved at Nick. Nick stared at her dreamily. The female fox then walked to Nick.

"Is anything the matter, my dear?" The fox asked, then gasped, "I crashed your car! Opps, I forgot. Are you okay, mister?"

Judy groaned in pain before coming out of the car. She stumbled towards Nick.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Nick said, "It's just that you crashed onto my car. Nothing serious."

Judy strained her eyes and realized that the orange fox was the one Judy talked about.

"C'mon, handsome," The fox smiled, "You know I don't like people saying it's okay after I did something wrong to them. I want to compensate."

"Oh please, there's not a need to do that," Nick said, "It's an accident."

"Please let me compensate you. Please, Mr Fox." The orange fox gave a cute face.

Nick sighed, "Fine, since you said so." Nick took out a piece of paper and wrote his number on it and gave it to the fox.

"Bring this car to the car shop and help me to repair it, then call me. Thank you so much."

"No problem," The fox turned around to Nick's car, then turned back to Nick, "May I ask what is your name, dear?"

"Oh, my name's Nick," Nick introduced himself, "And this is Judy, my girlfriend. How about you?"

"My name's Konsuke," The fox said, "See you soon. And take my car if you need." She then went in Nick's car and drove off. Nick kept staring at the fox until she went off. Judy glared at Nick.

Nick then glanced at Judy and saw her look, "What?"

Judy stormed off to take a taxi. Nick went to Konsuke's car.

"C'mon, let's go, Judy!" Nick said. Judy continued walking off, "Meet me at 7 in my uncle's garage. I'm going to do something."

Nick shook his head and drove off.

Denzel walked to Bruce's cell and opened it, "Lunch time, asshole."

Denzel dragged Bruce to the canteen, where other prisoners are munching and chomping on some rice and a chicken wing. Denzel pushed Bruce to a special table and asked him to sit.

The chefs brought some biscuits to Bruce.

"THIS," Bruce pointed at the biscuits, "is my lunch?"

"Of course, dick!" Denzel exclaimed, "Blame yourself for doing the worst crimes. You are such a dangerous and cancerous guy, so we have to keep you away from other people and things. Including food."

"Hey, Den-Den," Bruce smiled while taking the biscuits and placed them into his mouth, "Do you know who's more dangerous and cancerous? It's another one. A dangerous one."

"Who would believe you?" Denzel said, "First, don't call me Den-Den. Second, who could be more dangerous than you when you have killed three people and kept it under blankets? It ain't one small motherfuckin' thing. You also killed Kristen with her whips and played with her head. Thirdly, even if that bitch is another dangerous bitch, there's no enemy that could kick Jervis's ass off the roof."

"Oh really?" Bruce laughed, "Because if you don't release me now, there's bound to be danger."

"Who would believe you now?" Denzel said as he walked away.

At night, Nick drove Konsuke's car to Jervis's garage. Jervis got up from fixing Mark's Pagani.

"Who's car is this?" Jervis asked as Nick got out of the car, "Where's your car, Nick?"

"Let me tell you the story," Nick said dreamily, "A pretty and beautiful fox crashed onto my car and I told her not to pay compensation, but she insisted. So, she drove my car to the car shop and she will ask the repairman to fix it. Isn't that great? Her car's a dangerous babe. It's a RUF RT 12 S!"

As Nick was blabbering, Jervis saw Judy peeking at Nick for a short while before going up to her room. Jervis dismissed Nick and went to see Judy.

Jervis went into the guest room and saw Judy sitting on the bed, sighing. Jervis closed the door and sat beside her. Judy turned around and got a shock.

"You scared me," Judy said.

"I'm sorry," Jervis said, "I know, you've been angry since Nick's been staring at that bitch."

Judy looked at Jervis, "How did you know?"

"He was talking all about that female fox, and after that, what car she drove, how she looked like and what happened."

"He keeps staring at the fox," Judy sighed. Jervis patted Judy's shoulder, "Judy, I want you to understand something. Gentlemen always get attracted when they see a pretty bitch, with a bitchy Lamborghini or RUF. They may seem interested for a while, but let me tell you this. They will never leave their girlfriends behind. They will still love them the same way."

Jervis stood up, "It's normal, Judy. Nick doesn't like the fox. So don't be so tensed up." Jervis smiled at Judy.

"I hope not too," Judy said, "Thanks for letting me know anyway."

"You're welcome," Jervis said, "After dinner, have a good rest." Jervis then left the room and closed the door.

At Zootopia, Madden just finished his training with the cadets. He went out with Gazelle for dinner.

"So, how's the training going?" Gazelle asked. Madden chewed his steak.

"It's shit," Madden said, "All those cadets are fucking useless. With their pussy and idiotic attitudes, I don't think they can even defend Zootopia."

"I'm sorry to have given you trouble," Gazelle said, "Perhaps they are not ready yet. This sudden attack... It's strange, don't you think?"

"I think it's perfectly fucking strange," Madden said, "Why would a crazy ass fox just send out other foxes to kill our ass? It just doesn't make sense."

"Did you offend anyone, Madden?" Gazelle asked.

Madden shook his head, "Fucking hell no. What about you?"

Gazelle shook her head.

"Then that's really shitty strange," Madden sipped down his cup of orange juice.

The next day, Nick and Judy woke up together.

"Morning," Nick said.

"Morning," Judy smiled. Both got out of bed and went to the toilet to brush their teeth.

A few minutes later, they came out dressed in their normal clothes. As they were about to go into the RUF, Nick's phone rang. Nick picked it up.

"Hello, this is Nick Wilde," Nick said, "May I know who's this?"

"Konsuke here, dear," Konsuke said in a sweet tone, "Your car's ready. Come to the car shop."

"On my way," Nick smiled as he hung up.

"What happened?" Judy asked.

"My car's ready," Nick said as he went in the car. Nick drove Judy to the repair shop. There, Judy saw the fox she hated so much: Konsuke. She wanted to beat her up and fuck her off this world, but if she did that, Nick would not have been happy. After all, Konsuke helped Nick fix his car.

Nick and Judy came out. Nick went to Konsuke, who was waving her hand frantically. Konsuke then ran to hug Nick, which made Nick feel uneasy, and Judy glaring at her. Konsuke gave the keys to Nick.

"Your car's ready to rock and roll onto the streets!" Konsuke said as the car was being pushed out of the garage at the car shop, "And I've added some nice neon headlights."

"Cool!" Nick said, "How much is all these? I'll pay."

"No no no, my dear," Konsuke used her finger to gently touch Nick's nose, "You don't need to."

"No, I must pay. I'm a gentleman."

"No, you don't need to."

"I must pay."

"No, you don't need to, dear."

"Seriously?" Judy asked, "What's taking you foxes so long? I thought it was just Nick collecting his god damn car!"

Konsuke sighed. Nick thought for a while, then said, "How about this? I treat you to lunch."

"Sounds great," Konsuke clapped happily. Just as Judy was about to walk away, Konsuke called her.

"Hey, bunny," Konsuke said, "Join us for lunch. I think we should seriously get to know each other."

"Hell no!" Judy walked away. Nick chased after Judy and stopped her.

"Please, Judy," Nick said, "Don't go. Join us for lunch. Besides, we should really get to know her."

"Tell me a reason why I need to go," Judy crossed her arms.

"Please, Judy," Nick pleaded, "She helped me bring my car to the car shop and paid for all the stuff that she did to my car. You know, I always want to repay those who help me. Just this once. Please?"

Judy sighed, "Just this once."

Nick hugged Judy, "Thank you so much, Judy!"

At a restaurant, Nick ordered some food while Judy and Konsuke sat down, waiting for the lunch.

"I need the toilet," Nick said as he stood up from his seat and ran to the toilet.

"What's your agenda?" Judy asked.

"What agenda, my dear?" Konsuke asked, "What agenda do you think I have?"

"Why do you always come close to Nick?"

"Well, it's a coincidence, bunny," Konsuke laughed, "We met each other by our cars colliding together. We're fated."

Judy let out a smirk, "What bullshit is that?"

"Let's not talk about that anymore, bunny," Konsuke said, "How's your case on finding about the Zootopia attack?"

"None of your business!" Judy growled.

"Oh my, so fierce," Konsuke said exaggeratedly, "I'm so scared."

Judy took her fox repellent out, "You..."

"Come and spray it at me, bunny," Konsuke continued being exaggerating, "I'm so scared."

Konsuke then heard Nick approaching. Konsuke kicked Judy's leg hard. Judy groaned in pain, which leads to her finger pressing the button of the fox repellent. The fox repellent was then sprayed at Konsuke.

"AHH!" Konsuke screamed. Nick rushed over.

"You okay, Konsuke?" Nick asked.

"I'm fine," Konsuke glared at Judy and pointed at her, "Until that bunny sprayed her stupid fox repellent at me!"

"Hey, you kicked me!" Judy screamed.

"Nick, you got to believe me," Konsuke said, "She sprayed the repellent on purpose and acts like she accidentally done it."

"What kind of bullshit is that?" Judy clenched her fists and pointed at Konsuke, "You kicked me, which led to me accidentally pressing it! Nick, I really didn't do it on purpose."

"Don't trust her," Konsuke said, "All her words are fake."

Nick laughed. The two females looked at Nick with surprise.

"Who do you believe?" Judy asked, "Me or that fox?"

"I believe both of you," Nick said to Judy, "I know you wouldn't spray the repellent on purpose."

Nick then turned to Konsuke, "I also know you were joking. You were totally joking. I get your joke."

Nick then laughed again.

"This is what I wanted," Nick said, "You guys quarreling with each other. It's like you girls interacted with each other very well. What a good starting!"

Nick's stomach suddenly made a loud rumbling sound, "I'm hungry! Let's dig in."

As Nick sat down, Judy and Konsuke glared at each other.

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