A Christmas Scandal


1. a Christmas scandal

This story is about me best friend Delilah and me. Delilah and I have been best friends ever since the day we were born. But when her parents found jobs in Texas they moved when we were both five years old. Now she is out there with the rest of our family. Oh I forgot to mention that we are cousins. My grandma has five children and four now live in Texas. When we got older she comes out here for the summer but never in my birthday. This year was different and Delilah didn't end up coming. We are both going into high school and really wanted to see each other on Christmas. Delilah and I decided to raise enough money my family and I to all go out to Texas for Christmas this year. I did some research and on the day I was looking at it was going to cost $1000 a piece there and back. So we started as soon as possible. We started with small jobs like shoveling driveways, racking leaves, selling lemonade, and babysitting. By September I raised $700 and Delilah raised $800. We needed to raise $6000 and only had $1500. We had no choice but to go to our parents. I asked my mom and dad but they thought I was crazy. They didn't want to put my hopes down but it is just to expensive. Delilah tried but didn't get anywhere. We hit the deadline. That night I went down to the beach like I usually do when I need peace and just need to be alone. I was sitting there for an hour when it got dark. I thought to my self that I just wish I could see my best friend for Christmas. It's been so long and I really miss her. I left the beach before it got to dark and went to bed. Two days later it snowed really hard. Five people came up to me asking if I could shovel there driveways. I said yes but needed help and got my dad and brother to give me a hand. The next day seven people came to me asking me if I can babysit there kids. It was really hard but I managed to get through it alone. I got jobs handed to me left and right and so did Delilah. My parents were talking and decided if I can pay half for the trip that we can go to Texas for Christmas. They told me it had to be before November 17 to book the trip. We raised $2000 more and it was November 17. Delilah and I raised $2700 and needed $300 more that day. We tried really hard and by the end of the day we raised $150. We were so close but didn't have enough. My friends gave me $50 more but we still were short. I told Delilah and we were both devastated. My parents asked me at the end of the day if we accomplished our goal. I said that we were short by $100. My mom was shocked that we even raised that much money by our selves.

Mom- Sarah, you mean you and Delilah raised $2900 by yourselves?

Me- yes why?

Mom- why, that amazing. We seriously didn't think you could get past $1500!

Me- well thanks for the support.

Mom- honey how about we give you your Christmas present now.

My mom went to the kitchen and grabbed an envelope. I opened it and I found inside $100. That makes my total $3000! My mom booked the flights and we told no one. When we arrived on Christmas Eve everyone was at my auntie Katie's house. We walked inside and everyone was so happy to see us. Delilahs mom came out of the kitchen not knowing we came inside but as soon as she saw me and my whole family she dropped the glass in her hand. The room went totally silent. She ran over to me and asked me if I knew where Delilah was but then my phone rang. It was Delilah and she wanted to FaceTime. I was really excited to tell her the great news.

Delilah- hey Sarah you will never guess where I am right now!

Me- (I said in a nervous voice) same here. You first.

Delilah- I am at TF green airport in Rhode Island! Are you excited. Wait where are you?

I dropped my phone stone dead. My mom picked up the phone.

Mom- umm Delilah Sarah wanted to surprise you and we are at auntie Katie's house.... in Texas.

So as you can tell I am in Texas and Delilah is in Rhode Island and we were both thinking the same thing. I ran outside crying. The party continued and my older cousin Matthew came out and sat with me.

Matthew- hey Sarah you ok?

Sarah- I don't know. I am in Texas with the rest of my family but my best friend isn't here.

Matthew- wow thanks for making me feel special.

Me- you know what I mean.

I hit him in the arm then hug him for making me feel a little better. I was still upset but I really only like to show it in front of him because he understands me.

Matthew- hey I know what will make you feel better. It always worked when you were little.

Me- what?

Matthew- well, there's two things. The first is a walk.

Me- don't tell me the second one is....

Matthew- you guessed it!

After he said that he started to tickle me. He knew that always made me feel better and he got to have some fun with it as well. He slowly stoped and we just sat inn he stairs and talked.

Me- you know this is the first time we hung out in a long time.

Matthew- I know. I really miss it.

Me- me too.

Matthew- lets go. Get up.

Me- where are we going.

Matthew- trust me. You will love it. I always remembered that taking a nice walk with someone helps you take you mind off of life.

Me- thanks Matt. So do you think Delilah is going to be ok.

Matthew- yes I do.

Matthew and I took a very long walk but it was really nice. We caught up on each other and my experience in high school so far how to survive it. I was getting tired but Matthew told me we were almost there. Three minutes later we finally arrived. It was a Christmas tree. I couldn't believe how pretty it was. I never saw one like this one before.

Matthew- isn't it pretty.

Me- very.

Matthew- what wrong Sarah?

Me- nothing.

Matthew- come on. I know when you are hiding something. You alway play with your necklace.

Me- I miss you guys. I never see you anymore. You are off to college and in the military and Delilah is already in high school. The last time me and you really hung out was when we were little.

Matthew pulls out his wallet. He takes a picture out and I couldn't believe what he showed me. I couldn't believe he still had it. The picture was of him and me walking down the street I was five and he was thirteen holding hands going to the pool. He was in his swim shirt and I had a pink shirt and shorts with a pink floaty on. This is one of my favorite photos of us my second one is on my phone I show him. I showed him and he knew exactly where and when it was taken. We were around the same age as the first picture. Matthew is in the front with one hand on the handle and the other in the air like a cowboy. I am sitting behind him with my hand wrapped around his waist. We are both ready to cry about now. We started to head back before it got to Dark. He gave me his bed and he slept on the couch like a gentleman. When I woke up they were all down stairs saying merry Christmas to one another. I was happy but disappointed about Delilah. I pushed it back and went through the morning. My auntie Katie said we are going to have a part here for Christmas tonight. We all went to church first thing though. When we got there I saw Delilahs parents. We sat close to the middle and they were towards the front. But when the mass started a girl walked to the back of the room. I followed her as she headed outside. When i turned around I knew it was Delilah. I went outside and said merry Christmas. She turned around and ran to me. It was Delilah. We were so happy to see each other we forgot about the mass going on. Delilah asked for the soonest flight to Texas and said that she got on the wrong plane and because she was young they let her get away with it. Matthew came outside and tells us to come back inside and praise the lord on his birthday. We all smiled at each other and went back inside. That night Matthew took us both to the tree and he was the sweetest cousin ever. I had the best Christmas in a long time. Spent time with my family and Mathew and mostly I got to see my best friend and cousin Delilah on Christmas. It was officially the best Christmas ever.

The end

1600 words

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