The Bully Song

This song is about a Kid that gets bullied and he struggles through the hardships with being bullied.


1. The Beginning of the Song

Bro I need space get the fuck away, can't you tell i've been having a off day. I mean like everyday I mean like all day i mean when i walk down the halls of school and people stare at me. they say Fuck you and they say why are you even here your never gonna be like us so just disappear. I walk down the halls with fear Oh my god i can't believe I'm here, I got pushed down on the ground please please someone come help I'm on the ground and can't get up might as well just shut me up. because I'm already fucked up, i just need time to figure some shit out maybe a month or maybe just peace out. because i can't deal with this shit no more so just buzz me out, I wish i had an Angel by my side and wish I had a place where i could go and hide.

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