When Emilia Swan Foley and her family get on a boat to go to America, things go wrong. She must swim to an island nearby to get to safety, which is where she will stay for the next six years. Unfortunately for Emma, she is the only survivor from the boat, or so she thought.


1. Fallin Ship

  “Mum! Mum!” A little girl around the age of nine cried. “Why are people yelling?”

The night sky was a mix of bright stars surrounded by the darkness of the evil sky. The clouds were starting to change into rainclouds and the wind picked up speed.

“It’s ok, my Swan. Mummy is right here,” An older woman with the same features as the little girl said. “Your father is going to be right back, you hear me? Everything will be just oka...”

Everything happened all at once. The wind, which was as strong as a bull, knocked the boat over. As the boat sunk to the bottom, people were screaming and crying. One mother put her arms around her frightened daughter and began to cry.

“My beautiful Swan! My lovely Emma! Take this life jacket, as it may save yours, and swim to the land over there. You will be fine, my love,” The mother said, worry showing through her eyes about what is to come of her little girl.

“But Mummy! What about you and father?” The pouting girl said. “Please don’t go!”

“We must! Mummy and Daddy love you, alright?”

“Yes, Mummy. I love you to the moon! We will find each other again, right?”

“Of course, Emma. We will always find you! I love you to the moon and back again.”

With that, everything happened in a second. Little Emma watched with fear as her mum got sucked underneath the dark, blue ocean. She cried and cried. She swam and swam. She didn’t look back until she reached the comfort of wet sand underneath her toes, nor did she want to. The waves started to pick up and the girl found herself stuck in rough waters and drifting towards a pile of rocks. Her head slammed into one of the black rocks, leaving her woozy and half unconscious. She stumbled towards the comforting beach, out of the water, where she fell down and let the darkness succumb her.


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