Just a quick writing exercise beginning to become a short story. Should be updated every Saturday.


1. The tracks to nowhere

A young girl – roughly around fourteen – sat alone in a train carriage. The girl had long brown hair that blew rather inelegantly in the wind coming from the open window beside her. A small Cliffside town whipped past and the villa in which she and her parents lived soon disappeared in the background. She clutched her head in her hands and wept silently. Her name was Angelica Michaels, or Angel. Her family owned the business “Michaels” named after themselves. Angelica came from a wealthy background but didn’t have a very good relationship with her parents.

She was running away from home. From Barrow’s Edge, as the town was called. From life in general. She had taken a small sum of money from her parents and ran off. She and her four friends, Aaron, Anastasia, Jack and Amelia had planned to run off but Aaron had been stuck at the train station so only Anastasia, Amelia, Angelica – The Triple A’s as Jack called them – and Jack made it onto the train.

The rest of her group had been out getting food or going to the toilet when she had started crying. However, Anastasia walked back into the carriage and sat down beside Angel.

“It’s alright. I’ve got something for you.” She whispered, clasping Angelica’s shoulder and giving her a quick hug. Ana was the most mature of the teenagers, and was practically a mother to the group; especially the playful and energetic Jack.

“You got a package for me?” Angel coughed out, smiling at her friend. Ana handed her the package and watched kindly as Angelica tore away the packaging and the brown haired girl’s mouth dropped as she saw what was inside.

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