Just a quick writing exercise beginning to become a short story. Should be updated every Saturday.


2. Station in sight

“A… A gun?” She asked, looking up at Anastasia.

“Yes, a gun. I got all of us one -  we’re still teenagers, we need to know how to defend ourselves. We’ve also now got rucksacks to carry around what we find and whatever we brought with us.” Ana added, pulling out a book – “Journeys through Life”.

Her light blue jumper and black ruffled skirt were of high quality, coming from a rich family herself, and on her feet she wore white sandals – the same as Angelica’s.

The loud patter of feet running on the train floor announced almost instantly that Jack was coming. Sure enough, he opened the carriage door panting and smiling. He cocked his head to one side and smiled again, coming down to sit opposite the girls. He was quickly followed by Amelia who sat down beside him.

“These guns are awesome!” Jack exclaimed joyfully, pulling the gun out from his brown rucksack. Anastasia silenced him with a glare.

“Jack, put away the gun, we’re not supposed to have them!” She hissed quietly. The blond boy regretfully put the gun away and started to fiddle through Amelia’s bag.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a confused tone.

“Seeing what you brought!” He pulled out a sketchpad, camera and her purse.

“Speaking of money, how much do we have?” Angel asked, pulling her purse out. “I brought five hundred pounds – You brought four hundred, didn’t you Amelia?” The brunette added. Amelia nodded and looked at Anastasia and Jack. Jack pulled out two hundred and Ana brought out five hundred pounds. Jack looked up and counted silently on his fingers.

“So… one thousand, six hundred quid, right?”

“Correct.” Amelia said, nudging him playfully.

The conductor came round all the carriages and announced that the next station was Sunset Dale station – the station that the runaways were getting off at.

“You guys ready?” Amelia asked.

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