Just a quick writing exercise beginning to become a short story. Should be updated every Saturday.


3. A Lakeside View


The four friends got off at the station and ran down the main road into Sunset Dale town. They knew of a large lake on the outskirts of the town that virtually no one visited, and decided it would be a good place to camp out at until they made enough money to purchase a house of some sort.

It was deep within the night – owls hooted and shadows snuck around in the dark. Amelia occasionally edged towards Jack – as he was the only male presence, offering the femininity within her comfort - whenever she got scared, which was quite often, earning her a jealous glance from Angelica and a knowing look from Anastasia.

They reached the lake at about five o’clock in the morning – Ana had a watch – so they set up their sleeping bags, set down their rucksacks and settled for sleep. 


(Sorry this is so short, things have been busy. Hope you enjoy!)

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