Demigods of the times

There's a world of demigods and myths and gods. Most demigods know of a new camp half blood, but one has seen its other side. It's her story of events.


2. Chapter 2- I meet my old frenemy


'Damn' i thought, as the leader of the group, Katie, beckoned me down from my hiding place. Cautiously I slowly dropped down from the tree. "You're safe now," when she spoke it made me think of a summer breeze, soft and warm. "You're like me," I said shaking.

"By 'like me' you mean demigod, then yeah we are alike," this comment came from a boy with a sly face and a smile which new you couldn't trust him with any sharp object. Yet he had drawn a long bronze blade from a scabbard, poised ready for a fight. "We have to get her back to the big house, I'll send them a message saying we'll take the night shift,"said Katie and the rest of group groaned. After Katie had sent a 'message', we began the patrol. "Sorry," whispered Katie, "there's no point in going back it would take to long, the best option is to take the night shift until 5am." I was about to ask what she meant by 'am' but I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that, well it didn't matter any more. It's a new country, a new time, a new start.

Katie and I walked in silence at the back of the group for a few minutes. "So you can control trees and stuff," I said trying to break the silence. "Ye, I got it from my mom, Demeter,"she raised her hand and a daisy grew right out of her palm. I was surprised to find her all round comfortable with the subject, not like when I was at camp. Back then if you weren't a child of Zeus you were an outsider, ostracised by the everyone. But that didn't matter all that mattered was that I was safe.

After several hours, we had finished the shift and arrived at on a large green surrounded by an assortment of buildings. The rest of the group started making there way to different buildings, mumbling tired 'good nights'. "Cabins," said Katie," when you're claimed you'll be assigned to one, but for now you'll be in cabin 11, where all the unclaimed go."

'Not again' I thought. I'd been in an unclaimed area before and had never planned to go back.

We started walking up a hill towards a large barn building. It was baby blue but with peeling paint and veranda all the way around it. To my surprise there was two men sat at the table , one in a wheelchair and one in a leopard print shirt. I now noticed how much time has past since my first encounter with the patrol group. The last I'd known it had been around four o'clock in the evening. Now the moon was in the five o'clock in the morning position. "Chiron," said Katie," we found this girl in the forest..."

"Chiron?" I asked surprised.

He turned and saw me, his face began to contort with rage.

"Lou Ellen," he said, his voice filled with silent anger," that quest should have killed you, but even if you'd survived ,age hasn't taken its toll, you surely should be dead."

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