Demigods of the times

There's a world of demigods and myths and gods. Most demigods know of a new camp half blood, but one has seen its other side. It's her story of events.


1. chapter 1- Finding


Katie was on patrol. Ever since the rise of Luke's forces a patrol of the camps perimeter had become compulsory. Today it was her go. Most thought that because she was a daughter of Demeter she couldn't handle attacks. 'Well' she thought, 'I'll show them'. She led her troops through the edge of the forest. All were alert. The slightiest russell of a leaf, a snap of a twig, made her jump. 'It's nothing, it's nothing' she assured herself.

The patrol continued for another hour or so. No attacks, nothing out of the ordinary. "Come on it'll be dinner soon, our shifts over". They all began to walk towards camp but Katie stopped. Something was watching them. What seemed to be the wind whistled for a split second and then subsided. 'That's odd' she thought, 'to odd'. Suddenly there was a shadow darting away from them. "Close ranks!"she yelled and then summoned the nearest natural source to the figure. A tree root lashed out and rapped itself round the shadows ankle. They fell, but as soon as they hit the ground, a mini tornado engulfed the figure and "it's gone" whispered Jake. They looked at the place it had been in stunned silence.

"Stay alert, stick together," she said. They advanced further.

They wandered round for what seem like hours. "Come on Katie,"whined Travis," we've already missed dinner and the person or whatever didn't look like that much of a threat". He looked at her with his bright blue eyes. She cursed. Why did she have to pick out his best features. This had happened ever since he put chocolate bunnies on her cabins grass roof last Easter. She finally bounced back to reality. 'Focus on protecting camp' she told herself and then she saw it. "It's ok," she whispered,"you're safe now." Slowly, the owner of the pale face dropped to the ground.

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