Holding on

"I need a break.. We need a break". Tina said, frustrated at the fact she can't deal with her man , lorenzo. Some stories don't have happy ending. But will this one?


2. C'2


"Are you mad?". Lorenzo came to in the room with his head bopping his head to his music that was on his phone.

"No, not really, just not feeling to be messed with, can you turn off the music? It's kinda irritating". I asked, turning my head and yawning. Waking from a good nap, all because he wants to play his music out loud. I bet it's like 9 something right now.

"Tina, pizza is downstairs, you wanna talk". 

"No, I can entertain myself , but thanks". I said getting up from out the bed.

"So you don't want to talk?".

"Not with you". I mumbled walking out. Silent grew, as i started walking downstairs. Hearing him come down stairs also , i was already down into the kitchen. I took pizza from out of the box and put it on a paper plate and pushing it in the microwave. I turned around, seeing Renzo staring at me. "What?".  I leaned on the counter.

"What is you tripping for?".

"What you mean what I'm tripping for? I'm not even tripping".

"Yes you are man, you making me mad".

"Lorenzo please tell me how". I said getting irritated at him because he wants to argue, I honestly don't have time for it. I took my pizza out , heading to the table to sit and eat.

"Because you salty".

"Lorenzo you sound dumb I'm tripping because I'm salty. Not very good choice to say Mr.Wright".

"Something is wrong with you, and don't call me my last name bro, you acting like a straight kid".

"I don't need to act like a kid if i have one of my own, I'm not taking her place so whats up? You getting mad?".

"Tina stop playing bro, tell me the real truth".

"There isn't a real truth, you tell me the real truth, something that you got against me Lorenzo?". 

"Why would have something against you if we been together?".

"I don't know Lorenzo you tell me, I don't want to eat right now anyway, you made me lose my apetite". I pushed the pizza away , getting up and walking out. 

"Tina". Ignoring his response i kept walking to the bedroom, as he grabbed my arm and snatched me up, I gasped as my eyes widened.

"Lorenzo let go of me!". Soon as i shouted that he let me go out of the grip. I walked faster to the room and laid on the bed. I love Renzo with all my heart but if i get tired of you Imma leave without no hesitation. I left him plenty of times but it didn't mean i wasn't done with him. 

"Tina bro...".

"Lorenzo please, we need a break.. I need a break, tommorrow i will be out of your hair".

"Where will you go?".

"I'll call my mama in the morning".

"Baby , we brought this house together just go to your daughter room".

"Do you think i want to stay here with you? Renzo i'm ok, honestly, and because before i took a nap that call wasn't even meant for , oh it's my fault because i had baby by him. What are you Lorenzo jealous? Jealous?, you want a baby by me Lorenzo?". I laughed than sighed.

Nothing was said, I turned back around slamming my bedroom door before packing some clothes. I'll do my baby's later. Like what are you so jealous about? He haves me all to his self and he still jealous , sometimes i just don't get little boys like him.





To be honest , I don't like Lorenzo right now. He starting to get irra like.....

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