Holding on

"I need a break.. We need a break". Tina said, frustrated at the fact she can't deal with her man , lorenzo. Some stories don't have happy ending. But will this one?


1. C'1

"Where the heck is your daddy?". I said getting annoyed, he was suppose to be here like 2 hours ago and still haven't been here. He suppose to be coming to get his daughter, 5 month old daughter. Right now i don't like him honestly even though i never did but right now i don't like him because how you gone tell me to get your daughter ready but you ain't here. I'm fighting him when he get here or he better have good reason I'm not playing.

"Still ain't here, that dude tripping". Lorenzo said , coming down stairs looking like he just woke up.

"Ain't my fault , and he don't want to answer so she might not be going anyway. Wasting my time anyway".

"Your fault for having a baby by him, now you have to stick with him". He shrugged, turning on his game and switching the tv source.

"Excuse me? Renzo for one , I was watching tv , you cant just take over the tv like that put it back. And number two It wasn't my choice so mmmm, let me just keep my mouth shut because mmm". I leaned my head back and rolling my eyes as my phone beeped. Seeing her daddy name i slid it over. "Where is you at?". 

"Chill Tina, I'm outside".

"Well she been waiting on you , and don't let her be at no chick house".

"Tina get you some business and bring my daughter out before I have to slap you'.

"Mmm, scared of you but ight". I hung up, getting up and slipping on my shoes before getting her diaper bag and car seat. Unlocking the the front door I walked out shutting it and heading to a car with whoever he was in there. "Took you long enough". I said , handing him my baby's car seat before folding my arms.

"Shut up". 

I rolled my eyes before walking back into my house , sitting down the couch and watch as Renzo play the game.

"Can you put it back?". I asked.

"Bro stop talking because all you want to do is argue".

"Out of the living room and my room...".

"Our room". He cut me off.

"Like I said , out of our room and the living room you pick the living room. Renzo we got two games in both rooms and you came down stairs either to be noisy or because you wanted to start something with me". I crossed my legs and folded my arms waiting on an answer.

No voice.

"I can't believe you still here, or i'm still here with you , you just make me so OOOOOOOOUUUUUUU".  I yelled going upstairs and slamming my door as if I was a kid. Sleep i go, i had my turn with my daughter.





Things has just begun....What you think for my first time?

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