The Thunder Of Kiwea

The dragons of Kiwea are thinning out and she is the last onyx dragon in her Thunder. Jinda, her mate, is the Lord of dragons and red as blood. She wants to find more like her, but she's rather restricted with her duties. Is she really alone in the world, or just the only one for a while?


1. Prologue

My wings stretch slightly as I extend them to land among my kin, growling as I notice how our numbers have thinned before digging my claws into the soft Earth and allowing all four legs to thump against the ground. I fold my wings and walk up to the purple dragon next to me. "Are there others or am I the last to arrive?" He gives me a toothy smile as he bumps his tail against my side. "There are others on the way. They risked using telepathy to send brief messages so that we would not worry. It is good to see you, Fawn." I grin as my nickname is used. "It's always a pleasure to see you as well, Claw." We always refer to each other by last names or nicknames. I walk around and see who is here and who is not. As I walk among them, I notice that there are fewer females than males and my hackles rise. Female scales are more valuable to the two-legs than male scales. We are vain in the fact that we like our scales to sparkle and shine brighter than the sun. We are one of the fairest creatures on Earth, after all. Now, however, they are killing us faster than we can repopulate. "Fawn... We are ready." Comes a bass voice from beside me. I crane my neck to the right and find Treil, a dark red dragon, giving me a stern look. "Then let us begin."

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