The Thunder Of Kiwea

The dragons of Kiwea are thinning out and she is the last onyx dragon in her Thunder. Jinda, her mate, is the Lord of dragons and red as blood. She wants to find more like her, but she's rather restricted with her duties. Is she really alone in the world, or just the only one for a while?


10. Ch. 9

It was another couple of hours before we got to the caves. Jinda ascended into his upper chambers while I headed to the meeting room to address the assembly. There was noisy chatter for a few seconds upon my entrance, but they quickly died as my claws clicked on stone. I looked up at the dragon's faces and found a mixture of relief and anxiety in them. I shook myself and stretched, glad to be on the ground after such an exhausting day. I opened my eyes and found Treil directly in front of me, only the sound of his claws announcing his otherwise silent approach. "I am glad you have returned safely, My Queen. And the king?" I nodded and looked above us. Something like frustration flashed in his dark red eyes before he nodded. "Good. What was the outcome of your trip?" I sat down and looked around once more. "The humans will have peace!" Some roared in happiness while others stayed silent. "However..." My words silenced the crowd. "If this causes a fissure in us, then I will advise our king to do whatever will keep us together." I saw all of the dragons turn to one another and begin murmuring to themselves. I felt a muzzle at my shoulder and looked back at Treil. "Why is Jinda not here with you?" I huffed and looked up to where I knew he was. "He is exhausted after our flight. He wished to rest and I agreed that he should." A dragon from each level of the massive cavern glided down to land before be, each bowing in respect until I acknowledged them. I noticed Lynx among those in front of me and bumped my muzzle against his brow. He looked up from his bow and smiled, rising. "What have each of your teirs decided?" The first dragon, a brilliant plum colored male who was still quite young nodded and spoke the word, "Peace." The second dragon, a yellow female with a missing claw on her left fore-paw shook and smiled. "Peace." She practically sang. Lynx looked into my eyes and nodded. "Peace, My Queen." The last dragon standing before me knew that his teir's vote would decide war or peace and I was nervous as he looked up from the ground. He was a glorious golden shade, causing rainbows whenever the light caught even the slightest hint of his scales. He opened his maw to speak, uttering the final vote, "Peace." with a smile. The dragons before me bowed and flew back to their tiers. Treil stayed where he was and something in me told me that he was here for more that knowing the final vote. I looked around at the dragons before me, all of them now smiling and in conversation. Peace would be good for us, giving us time to focus on repopulating instead of war strategies or survival. I stood and said "Peace is what we will have!" The dragons roared in response and I walked to the edge of the cave, aware of the fact that Treil had followed me. "What would you have from me, Treil?" He smiled and looked out at the dark sky, the only illuminations being the full moon and stars. "Fly with me." He whispered. I looked at him and saw a look of hope on his face. "I must first speak to Jinda, then I will go on my nightly flight. You may join me." Without warning, I took off, spiraling upward and into the upper cavern.

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