The Thunder Of Kiwea

The dragons of Kiwea are thinning out and she is the last onyx dragon in her Thunder. Jinda, her mate, is the Lord of dragons and red as blood. She wants to find more like her, but she's rather restricted with her duties. Is she really alone in the world, or just the only one for a while?


16. Ch. 15

I pounced the pink dragon, taking the advantage surprise gave me, and let instinct take over, ripping her throat out as Fawn lay dying in the grass, her breathing becoming gurgling. She was so small compared to the hulking female that now lay dead in the grass. I rushed over to her, touching her neck and healing her throat instantly. Gods, her wings were shattered. As she coughed up the blood that had slipped into her lungs, I saw her size compared to mine. Her body was tiny. My darkness swelled, knowing that my size was only because I had modified it when I saw that pink beast looming before her. "Lady" it had called her. Lady of what? She coughed up the last of the blood but didn't stir, her body still too broken to rouse. I watched as her wings began stitching themselves back together, bone and flesh mending to speed her awakening. I shrunk to my original size so that she wouldn't feel dwarfed when she woke. Her body was distinctly female, lean where it should be and padded in all the right places, and she was black as the starless night around us. Her eyes fluttered, struggling for consciousness but being dragged back under with little to no resistance. The other dragons' carcass needed to be moved, I supposed, before she awoke. I groaned at the thought, but walked over and grabbed it by the neck. As I tasted the blood, my head clear this time, I realized that it had been a female that I'd killed. I grimaced, knowing that there were few enough of them as it was. I took to the skies, dragging the body with me as I headed for the ocean. Once I had dumped it, I returned to Fawn. I found her as I'd left her, but her wings were mostly mended now. Her throat had a dark sheen, telling me that she would bear a scar from this damn fight. It was rare for a black dragon to gain scars on account of their gifts. She would live and train with me, hopefully growing to love me, over the next few weeks. It was the part I'd left out about our little bargain, but I knew she'd agree. She didn't know who I was, thankfully, though I didn't know how she hadn't heard of me. Maybe it was pride, but jealousy had flared when she'd touched that male without a second glance in my direction. Her blood had heated when I'd asserted dominance over her, so I knew I could fluster her. Doing it often enough might just be enough to get her to mate. I smiled at the thought as her eyes fluttered open and snapped to me, a look of wonder on that glorious face.

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