The Thunder Of Kiwea

The dragons of Kiwea are thinning out and she is the last onyx dragon in her Thunder. Jinda, her mate, is the Lord of dragons and red as blood. She wants to find more like her, but she's rather restricted with her duties. Is she really alone in the world, or just the only one for a while?


11. Ch. 10

"They all decided upon peace?" I nodded, watching a smile creep its way across his face as his eyes lit up. I smiled and leaned to rub my muzzle against his. "I'm going for my flight. Treil will be joining me for the night. I believe he needs to speak with me about something." His eyes darkened as he pulled away from me, the mere mention of Treil's name sparking his jealousy. "What does he wish to speak about?" He asked in a gravely voice. "I'm not sure, but I'm sure it's something important." He huffed and stood, walking to the back of the cavern and sitting on the nest we made together. I watched as his bulk compressed the pine needles, feathers, and various soft things we had found over the years. I walked over and nuzzled his jaw, pulling away as he leaned into my touch. "I'll be back soon, My Love." He nodded and curled up in the nest, his eyes still on me as I flew out of the cave and Treil joined me. I looked over at the dark red dragon, his scales looking darker in the moonlight than they did when I saw him earlier. "What did you want, Treil?" He flew on, silence enveloping the two of us until he landed on a grassy knoll about three miles away from the cave. I folded my wings and he turned to me, his eyes blazing as I felt something pop in my chest. I dug my claws into the dirt beneath me and let out a roar of pain. Sympathy shot into his eyes as he began chanting words I didn't know belonged together. My chest constricted and my legs gave out from beneath me. I roared again, stretching my neck out to try and snap at him, stop him, something! He evaded me and continued to chant. I saw movement in the sky beyond, the edges of my vision blackening  until it was all I could see. Jinda swooped out of the sky, aiming directly for Treil's form. I wheezed air into my lungs, which now felt half their size, and tried to tell Jinda I loved him. When that failed, I sent it to him telepathically, feeling his mood shift from worried to frantic. He redoubled his efforts as he slammed into Treil's side, halting the chanting he was doing. Everything popped back where into its place and I gulped down air as if it were the sweetest water. The sounds of their fight caused me to look over, their forms tangled so badly it was hard to distinguish one from the other. I managed to stand and bunched my muscles in preparation of entering the battle when another form walked up beside me. The scent, distinctly male, smelled of pine needles and bark. I flinched away from the newcomer and looked him over, noticing with immense surprise that his scales were black as night and shone in the moonlight. I heard the fighting stop, but kept my eyes on the stranger, seeing his muscled body walk towards me as I moved away. He smiled and my heart stopped. He was handsome for sure, but it was his eyes that stopped me. They were the darkest black I had ever seen, the depths of them going so far that I found myself leaning forward to try and find their bottom. "Fawn... Come here." Jinda whispered. I looked over and saw that he was bleeding and the ripped flesh caused me to move faster than I otherwise would have. I leaned my muzzle to him and healed him in an instant, shocking myself with the speed which I had done it. "Fawn... A most beautiful name, Young One." I looked over at the black dragon, hearing the way he purred my name and watching as his tail flicked with amusement. "And who are you to call me Young One?" He chuckled from deep within his throat, a sound like that of stones down a cliff-side. "One who thought I was the last of my kind. I see I was mistaken... and gladly so." I felt my blood heat and I leaned my hip against Jinda's shoulder, finding the touch very comforting. The black dragon watched the connection point with disgust and looked into my eyes. "You are spoken for." Not a question. I nodded and he growled. I watched as he looked at the sky and then took off. Jinda looked into my eyes and then to the dragon who had taken flight. "Follow him." He mumbled. I nuzzled his neck, noticing Treil for the first time since the stranger showed up, his leg ripped open and causing a horrid limp. I growled at him and took flight, racing after the mysterious dragon who moved as silent as death.

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