What to do when I die

My name is Elizabeth Dawson. I'm 13 years old, and I have just been diagnosed with a disese that the doctor said I would only have a week to live. I want to cross off everything on my bucket list, and I am pretty sure that I can get it all done. I just need some help.


3. September 7th

We slowly, all three of us, exit the plane. I'm not prepared for what I see as the whole of Sandusky comes into view. I smile widely as do Anna and Issac.

"Wow!" I exclaim. Issac looks at me as Anna goes to buy our tickets.
"You've really never been here before?" he asks. I shake my head no and walk over to big sign. I climb up on the different levels till I reach the top one right near the sign. I stretch out my arms and wait for Issac to take a picture.

"Smile," he tells me and I give him a great big grin. Right as he takes the picture, Anna comes over with the tickets.

"Okay you two, let's go inside," she says and grabs my arm.  I walk towards the building entrance but suddenly stop. The line is humungous and I really don't want to wait that long. 

"Do we gotta wait?" I ask them. They give me weird looks and then their faces soften.

"Hold on," and with that, Anna makes a phone call. She comes back and says that everything's ready and we'll go inside in a sec. I don't believe her but boy am I wrong. A man walks out in a black suit to meet us. 

"Follow me miss," he tells me and I give Anna a thumbs up. They follow behind me and we push through the crowd to get in. The crowd parts for us and gives me weird looks. I ignore them and continue through. Once to the other side, Issac and Anna look to me.

"So Top Thrill is in the middle of the park, GateKeeper's right here along with a few others. Where you wanna go?" Issac asks.

"Can we get some Ice cream?" I ask them with a laugh. They smile back and lead me to the Ice cream store right around the corner. We walk inside and get into the line. I'm talking to  Anna about something while looking around and see someone sitting in the store. There are only three inside tables in this store and she is sitting right close by us. I take a deep breath and look away as she looks over at us. She knows it's me, and I know it's her. I look back over to the girl she's with. She looks about my size with my color hair and...

"She looks exactly like me..." I whisper to myself.

"What?" Anna asks, looking around.

"Who does?" Issac asks too, turning around.

"N-Nothing," I tell them and look away. I swear I'm seeing things. We exit the ice cream shop with my Cookie Dough ice cream in hand. I munch on it happily as we make our way to the GateKeeper. I'm half way done with it by the time we get there, but I throw it out on the way to the ride queues. We get on the ride quicker than I thought and go up to the right side of the train. I sit next to Issac and Anna sits behind me. Once w

Hey there guys, I hope you liked this chapter. I thought I'd put a twist into the story. So just let me know if you want me to update more and I'll do it soon. See you all later!

 -Willow <3

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