What to do when I die

My name is Elizabeth Dawson. I'm 13 years old, and I have just been diagnosed with a disese that the doctor said I would only have a week to live. I want to cross off everything on my bucket list, and I am pretty sure that I can get it all done. I just need some help.


2. September 6th

I wake up with a start. I look around trying to find where I am. I realize I'm laying in my bed. I look down to the floor to see my trundle bed is pulled out and the bed is unmade. I then remember what happened yesterday.

"Up up up! It's a brand new day!" I hear through my door.

"Ugh!" I groan as I swing my legs over the bed. There is an outfit picked out for me, sitting in the chair. It's a t-shirt with dogs on it and short shorts with lace. I quickly put it on and walk out of my room. There, standing in my midst, is a man in a suit holding his hand out towards my front door. I see Anna round the corner into the living room. She has the list in her hand.

"Number 3: Ride in a limo to a fancy restraunt, eat there, and say 'Put it on my tab.' Then walk out." she tells me. "Your getting very specific on these ones." she laughs. I smile back and follow the man outside. My eyes open wide. There is a black limo, 3 times longer then my moms car, in my driveway. 

"How did you...?" I ask, apparently uncapable of forming a sentence.

"I told my dad what we were doing and he generously..." Anna starts dragging out her sentence then speeding up really fast at the end. "Gave us 5,000 dollars!" she squeals.

"Really?" I ask, looking at the limo and then back at her.

"Yep. The limo was only 300, can you believe that?" she says more calmly. "Well, hop in!" 

I slowly climb inside the limo, the man in the suit holding my hand and helping me in. I feel the seats under me and they feel like fur. I look down and see they have fur covers on them. I squeal mentally. Anna climbs in with me and we speed off to the restraunt. When we get there, the man driving the car steps out once more and helps me out. Anna steps out by herself. There are people looking at us very weirdly, and some people take pictures. We walk into a french cuzine restraunt and eat. I walk in and they take us to a table. I order my food and wait for Anna to hers. 

"What's next?" I ask when she's done.

"Let's see," she starts. "Number 4: Go to an Cedar Point and ride top thrill dragster. Try and get them to stop the ride at the top, if its possible."

"Okay, I wrote that when I was ten." I tell her, smiling. "And we are like over 100 miles away from Cedar Point."

"Well then finish this one up, and we'll hop on the jet." she smirks.

"Jet?" I ask, then realize we have to get going. "Waiter?" I ask.

"Yes?" a man walks over to our table. 

"Can you put this on my tab? We have to get going." I say, trying not to laugh.

"Of course, miss. Have a good day." and with that he leaves. Anna pulls me out the door and back into the limo. She talks to the man up front like he's a taxi driver.

"Airport hanger 319." 

"We're really gonna fly in a jet? I think I meant to put that on there somewhere. How did you know?" I ask, confused for the thousandth time.

"3rd grade. It was on your 'What I want to do before i'm twenty' poster." she smirks.

"We're here ladies." The man up front says and lets us out. 

"That was quick." I tell him, smiling.

"Only the best for you." he winks at me. We walk into a huge hangar to see a purple jet with my name on it.

"How did you...?" I ask, for the second time today. 
"It's a birthday present from my dad." Anna smiles. We slowly walk towards the jet and for me it feels like a millenium before we get there. Apparently not for Anna because as soon as i'm snapped out of my daydreams she standing on the folded down stairs and yelling at me to get on. I slowly hop up the steps and sit in the first class living area.

"This is yours now, by the way..." Anna says slowly.

"Thanks, but I don't think I will use it that much." I make a slight chuckle. Anna just looks at the floor. I decide to cheer her up.

"Hey Anna. Will you show me around the plane?" I ask her, hoping she'll say yes. 

"It's your plane. You go explore it." is all I get in return. I hop out of my chair and walk towards the back of the plane. I pass a waiter on the way back that smiles and says hi to me.

"Want anything?" he asks. I'm about to say some peanuts would be fine when I look at his face and almost fall over. He smiles at me, and I just turn and run. I run to the bathroom at the back of the plane and lock the door.

"Breath Eliza, breath." I tell myself, looking in the mirror. "It couldn't have been him. It was just a look alike. Maybe it was his twin brother or something. It couldn't have been Issac."

Issac and me met in the 5th grade. He was a transfer student, and I got to know him really well. He asked me out around the end of the year and I said yes. I really liked him. Then the next week, I found him sucking off this other girls face. I walked right up to him, and he pushed the girl away.

"Liza, it's not what it looks like!" he screamed. I slapped him hard across the face then told him,

"Don't ever call me that again." I walked away as quick as I could so he wouldn't see me crying. I never even knew why the most popular girl in school, Gigi, was sucking off my bf's face but it happened. 

I'm suddenly knocked out of my daydreaming by hearing a loud pounding on the door.

"Eliza! Open this door right now!" Anna shouts to me. I reluctently let her in.

"What happened? One of the waiters came up to me and said you freaked." she asks.

"Did you recognize him by any chance?" I ask her, hoping she saw who he was.

"No..." she starts. "I don't think so. Why?"

I start to think. I need to find out what really happened between Issac and Gigi.

"I'll be back, okay?" I tell Anna. "Just go sit back down."

"Okay, we will be there in 15 by the way." she tells me and walks out the bathroom door. I wait till she gets down the hall before heading towards the kitchen on the plane. I peek in my head and see there's no one there.


I jump in the air at the sound of someone's voice and accidently knock over a pan. I slip on the wet floor and see the floor coming closer to my face when,

"Gotcha." I hear. I turn around to see Issac holding me up with one arm. He has me in a dip. I stand up and brush myself off, trying not to blush.

"Hey..." I say slowly. I cut to the chase. "Issac listen." I start.

"It is you!" he blurts out. "Liza!" he pulls me into a huge hug, and I breath in his scent: fresh soap. I missed it.

"I need to tell you what really happened." he pulls me away, making me sad.

"Okay, what?" I ask, folding my arms.

"When I had first been walking down the hall, Gigi had come up to me. She had started by talking to me, then she started to push me up against the lockers. She wanted to make you jealous. She wanted me for herself. She kissed me right when she saw you walking down the hall. I pushed her off as soon as I could. Then you ran off and couldn't let me explain." he finishes, out of breath. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Uh, well there's a lot you missed..." I say slowly. "I, um, only have 5 days to live."

"WHAT?!" he yells really loud. "What do you mean?"

"I got diagnosed with a disease and the doctor told me I only have a week to live." I tell him. He pulls me into a hug. 

"I just got you back! I can't let you go." he whispers into my hair.

"I never said you got me back." I tell him, pulling away.

"What?" he asks. I smile like a maniac and look up at him.


"Wow, classic Liza." he smiles down at me.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" I hear from the doorway.

"Anna!" I blurt out, pulling away from him. "Uh..."

"It's okay. He wanted to talk to you. He talked to me at the end of school. I set this up." she smirks. "Pay up." she holds out her hand towards Issac. He pulls a 20 out of his pocket and hands it to her.

"Attention, we are arriving at the Sandusky airport. Please prepare for landing." the announcer says.

"You coming with?" I ask Issac. He nods at us. We walk towards the front of the plane.


Hey guys! Sorry this chapter took so long to get up! I've been preoccupied with school and my other book, HTOD. You should go check that out too! See you guys all later! 

-Willow <3

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