The Runaway Pageant Queen

Welcome to the world of glitz, glam, and mystery? You will have to read to find out more!


1. Prologue

I stood alone.  I am somewhere deep in the woods.  I am wearing my long, flowing peach pink dress that I wore to my pageant.  I have been doing pageants since I was two years old.  However, this particular pageant was nothing like the others.  Something was off. Words went unspoken, they didn't need saying.  It seemed as though everyone was on the same wave length, except for me.  Everyone wore the same solemn faces, walked the same sulking walk, and spoke the same monotone words.  What was I missing.  I had plenty of time to think after getting out of their while I could.  So here I am.  Alone.  What was everyone so scared of?  Why was no one telling me what was going on.  The only thing I knew is that everyone was supposedly out the night before at the party.  I was the only one unable to make it.  Yesterday everyone seemed completely normal, but after last night, everyone was really off.  I can not find the words to explain how they acted but it just felt all wrong to me.  What happened at the party?

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