The Runaway Pageant Queen

Welcome to the world of glitz, glam, and mystery? You will have to read to find out more!


3. Chapter 2

After class is over Henry and I walk out into the hallway together. 

"Hey Bekah, I was wondering if we could go hang out together sometime?" Questioned a curious Henry

"Sure Henry, what do you have planned?" I ask.

"Well the fair is coming to town next weekend and I was wondering if you and your friends like to join me and my friend at the fair this weekend?" Henry asks removing his glasses and placing them into the very front pocket of his black bag.  

"Well Henry, I will be sure to ask my girls." I lift up my and to the side of my mouth like screen "I am sure they would be more than willing to come and hang." I say with a smile.  

"Ok great! Well I gotta get to my next class Bekah, see ya around?" He says with his brows furrowed in a questioning glance

"Of course Henry!" I say with a big smile.  I lean in and give Henry a hug.  I wrap my arms around his shoulders and he wraps his around my arms and rests his hands on my mid back.  I slowly separate myself from our embrace.  Henry flashes me a smile and I flash one back at him.  We turn and head our separate ways.  I walk down the hall to my next class.

When I arrive at my History classroom I head to my normal seat.  When I sit down, the bell rings, signaling it is the time for class to begin.  The teacher walks in with a boy I had never seen before.  The boy stood there with his books in his hands.  He had light brown straight hair and blue eyes, the color of sapphires.  He was wearing a blue t-shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers.  

"Hello class." The teacher states.

"Hello Mrs. Lightly!" The class cheers in unison.

"Class this is Connor Jackson and he is our new student from L.A.  Please give him a warm welcome to Atlanta.  Connor please take a seat next to Ms. Rebekah Martin."

Connor sits in the seat beside me.  When he sits I can see a tattoo creeping out from underneath his shirt sleeve.  

"Hi, I am Bekah. Welcome to Atlanta!" I say with a smile as I hold out my hand for a shake.

"Hey, Connor."  He shakes my hand back.  He looks up at me and peers into my hazel eyes and smiles a heartfelt smile.

I whisper "What is your tattoo? I can see a bit of it at the hem of your shirt sleeve." I tell him.

He looks at me and shakes his head a little while giving a slight laugh.  He reaches his left arm over to his right sleeve and lifts it up.  

I peer at the tattoo.  It appears to be some foreign lettering with the numbers four and thirteen with a colon between them.  It looked like this.

腓立比书 4:13

"What is that?" I ask.

"It is a scripture from The Bible. My tattoo says Phillipians in Chinese with scripture location as 4:13." He tells me.

"What does it say?" I question.

"Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  I got this because it means that I can be strong in him you know?" He asks me.

"Yeah, that is really cool!"

At that time the bell rings for the end of class. I walk out with Connor.


Hope I don't lose anyone due to this chapter... But just wait it will get better I promise!!!!!  

Much Love,

EZNovelist xoxo 

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