The Runaway Pageant Queen

Welcome to the world of glitz, glam, and mystery? You will have to read to find out more!


2. Chapter 1

6 weeks ago


I stroll into the cafeteria, my eyes scanning the room for my friends. I finally lay eyes on the table where my three best friends are seated. Michelle, Sarah, and Brittany are all there waiting for me, I have some great friends.


Michelle is African American and has short brown curly hair.  She has deep brown eyes like a hot brownie straight from the oven.  She is basically the brawn of our group.  She is always there to protect us and guide us through the hallways.  She is the most buff friend I have.  Like I said, she is like our body guard. Michelle plays the saxophone in the school marching band.  In my opinion she is the best saxophone in her entire section.


Sarah is a Caucasian with olive skin.  Her hair is brown like the bark off of a tree.  Her eyes are brown to match her hair.  Sarah does all sorts of dancing.  She does ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance. Sarah just started point ballet.  I am so proud of her! Sarah is also the brain of our operations.  She is the most knowledgeable of all of us.


Brittany is a Caucasian with olive skin.  She has light brown hair the color of brown sugar.  She has hazel eyes which are more green and blue than they are brown.  Her eyes look like the ocean on a summers morning.  Brittany is the glam of our crew.  She always has the newest style in clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories.  Brittany does a lot of modeling with a photographer and I would say that she is a beautiful model at that!


As for me, I am Rebekah.  I have light blonde wavy hair.  My eye color is a little complicated. They are called hazel but they are really a kaleidoscope of colors.  I am the support in our group.  I am always there to make everyone laugh and will do anything in my power to keep everyone happy. 


"Hey." I say to my friends as I take my seat at the table.

"Rebekah, we have been waiting for you for 5 minutes." Michelle says with a slight laugh.

"Sorry, I was held back in Algebra. The teacher was handing out assignments. So Anyone have any plans this weekend?"  I say looking at each of my friends.

"Nah, not much this weekend I just have to go shoe shopping for the pageant in a few weeks." Brittany exclaims.

"No, I don't have any plans Bekah. Why what do you wanna do?" Sarah explains.

"I just wanted to take you all out for mani-pedis, my treat."

We all exchange glances with one another.  We all cry out in unison "GIRLS DAY!!!!" The students in the cafeteria looks at us funny and we all burst out laughing.


We all throw away our trays, say our good byes, and part ways to go to all of our separate classes.


I start on my way to the Chemistry classroom.  I get to the room and make my way to my seat.  I see my friend Henry in the back.  Henry has dark dirty blonde hair with deep sea green eyes.  He wears glasses and is always so kind to everyone.  Henry has helped me so many times in this class with my Chemistry work! I don't know if he knows how much I appreciate it.  

"Hey Bekah!" Henry declares.

"Hey Henry, long time no see! How was your Thanksgiving break?" I ask.

"It was good.  I really missed you though because we hang out almost everyday here in class.  I am really happy to see you!" Henry claims.

"Right back at ya!" I say with a giggle.


Mr. Atkins comes into the class and we begin our lesson.


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