Mr Trebbs

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6. who am i

"I've been pushing you. I knew you weren't the polite shy girl that came into my life."

I stared at him in silence.

"Everyone has another side through the ice you have to break. You're ice was thick, mind you, but I think I like the results."

"You think you found the real me? How? I don't even fucking know the real me!" I shout and turn away from Justin. I feel tears being to fall down my face and quickly try to wipe them away. I don't know the real me. Doesn't anyone really know themselves? Idek who I am most of the time.

Everything except for my muffled sobs is silent for a while until I feel Justin's hand on my shoulder. "I just know." Arrogant jerk.

I whip around and slap him in the face, "No, you don't!!"

I put my hand to my mouth when Justin looks up and I see him holding his hand over the brand new red mark on his cheek. I've never hurt someone before.

"I'm so sorry, Justin." I quickly try to wipe away the last of my tears.

"It's ok." Justin whispers.

I take a step towards him, "It's not. I'm so sorry."

"No, I'm sorry I hurt you." Justin sighed, "I guess I'll never understand what you like."

I walk closer to Justin and pull his warm hand away from his face. I only just realise how cold I am and how cold the wind up at the lookout is. I don't know how Justin can be so warm... my hands are like icicles. I put my hand over the red patch on Justin's face and he sighs. He closes his eyes, "That's nice."

The next thing I do is completely surprising, even to me. I reached out and hugged Justin. "I'm so sorry."

Justin hesitantly reached his arms up and hugged me tightly, "Me too." He said.

After a moment we break away from each other, "Mr- Justin. Can you please take me home?"

Justin nods and we go back to the car. This time I get in the back on the drivers side and we drive off towards my home.

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