Mr Trebbs

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4. They ARE Food

After class he held me back

"About last night..." He says.


He scratches the back of his head again, "Err... I'm sorry."


"I..." I begin. Um what am I supposed to say to that.

"I was being inappropriate, sorry." He ducked his in shame. Omg. Maybe he isn't the stupid cocky nerd I thought he was. OML.

That afternoon I decided to go to the library to study. GUESS WHO I SAW. Well you'll probably never guess because it wasn't Mr Trebbs. But it was a guy with the exact same hair. At first I thought it was Justin and started to panic but I soon realised it wasn't when he turned around. After that I kept seeing Justin lookalikes everywhere. Justinalikes! ... nvm that was terrible, sorry. I don't know what was wrong with me. I must have had Mr Trebbs on the brain. As I was walking home I saw like 15 Justinalikes. I was glad when I got into the safety of my house away from the Trebbocalypse ...HAHAHA pls kill me. I thought at least tomorrow was Saturday and I wouldnt't have to deal with seeing the real Mr Trebbs in class.

Alas, how wrong I was. I was sitting on a bench after doing some shopping in the city when I noticed a Justinalike on a skateboard skating in my direction. Only this wasn't an Justinalike. IT WAS THE FREAKIN REAL ONE. Just what. Imagine seeing your teacher riding a skate board around. It's weird right? Justin pulled up next to me and I looked up at him.

"Hello there, Maria!" He said, "What a coincidence this is."

OMG and another thing. I hate how he speaks so formal. Like a teacher should but then he acts like a friend. It doesn't work. Teacher aren't friends. They ARE food. Ok nvm I tried to make a Finding Nemo reference but it just came out sounding wrong. I do NOT want to eat him. Heh. :C

I smiled politely, he was my teacher after all, "Hi."

He sat down on the bench next to me. OML why tho. "It's a lovely day today." He said.

I shuffled uncomfortable, "Yep." I wanted to make it as awkward as possible so he'd leave. But he didn't.

"Look. I know you probably see me as just a teacher...." umm because you are. "...But I think it would benefit your learning if we had a stronger relationship." Wtf stoppp PLS.

I stood up quickly and a look of panic engulfed Justin's face. He reached out and grabbed hold of my arm gently, "No, I'm sorry. I mean just more than acquaintances; friends."

Hmmmm. I sat down slowly so he'd let go of my arm.

"Tell me something I can do, to make you feel less uncomfortable around me."

Um lol, I don't know... leave me alone!? Ugh. "I don't know."

"I will do anything, please can you tell me?"

Why does this sound like a guy trying to stop his gf from breaking up with him?

"Stop talking like that."

Justin sat up, "Talking like what, Maria?"

"Like a teacher."

Justin laughed, "But I am a teacher."

I stood up, "Exactly."

I grabbed my bag and walked off quickly before Justin had a chance to reply and take hold of my arm again.

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