Mr Trebbs

When Maria realises her Asian Literature teacher is starting to take a particular interest in her things get weird... But they only get stranger as she begins to find out more about him. Yet she cannot seem to escape him.

PS sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I don't edit. If I ever published this fr I would edit it A LOT lol.


1. teachers

On the first day of university I go into my class nervously. Everyone is sitting down already and the only seat available is in the second row next to a pretty girl wearing glasses. She smiles up from her phone when I sit next to her and I give a friendly hello in response. It's not just her with her head in her phone. Everyone is on theirs . So I whip mine out and check my Facebook. A few minutes later the teacher arrives. He looks young... only just older than us. I see a couple of the girls, especially the girl beside me, swoon. I just roll my eyes. He introduces himself as Mr Trebbs and goes over what we will learn in the course after calling out our names trying to learn them. As usual I'm one of the first names the teacher remembers. The problem of having an easy to spell, easy to pronounce, boring name; Maria. Which is why I was asked to help him with packing up the books after class.

God damn it. I put my phone on the table and got up to help him with the books. He looks at my phone and sees my Star Wars background. Aw man. I forgot to lock my phone. This is kinda embarrassing...

"You like Star Wars?" He asks.

Well duh. I nod hesitantly.

"Cool," he smiles, "So who is your fav character?"

I blink, "Obi Wan Kenobi... umm who's yours?"

"Oh cool mines R2D2." He replies. OMG lol I'm talking to a teacher about Star Wars, what is my life?

He continues to talk to me while I help him but the conversation is mainly him asking me a lot of questions and me answering either yes or no.

After him picking me to answer almost every question for a few classes and finally realising how shy I was he stopped. Thank God. I hate when teachers pick you. Like I didn't have my hand up wyd. One lesson he told everyone to stay back for a few minutes. He told everyone that he'd be running an extra class at his apartment that Saturday. I looked around. A lot of people were nodding enthusiastically when he asked if anyone wanted to come. What is wrong with you people? Lol you want to talk to a teacher out of school wyd. Wyddddddddd.

He let everyone go and everyone rushed out leaving me like always. I hate being a slow packer. Mr Trebbs came over to me, "So, Maria, do you think you can make it?"

Um no. I mean, I'm sure that it would be good for something but I'm almost too scared to even leave my house for uni. I understand all we've learnt in class why would I go? I swallowed, "Ok, I think I can... Maybe." I didn't want him to think I would definitely come.

"Good." He said before walking off. I sighed a sigh of relief.

On the Monday after that Saturday Mr Trebbs came over to me after class, "You didn't come, what happened?"

Umm lol why do you care? A few other people didn't go either WYD. "Yeah... I was busy with, umm, stuff." I quickly ran out of the class before he could ask anymore questions. Over the next few days I noticed him trying to talk to me but I always pretended I was in a rush so he wouldn't and I could escape.

One day I was sick so the next day I had to see him after class. All through the lesson I was dreading it. I hate talking to teachers. I'm so awkward.

When the bell went I walked over to him and he turned to me with a smile, "Maria! How can I help you?"

Umm obviously I need notes wydd. "'Cause I wasn't here yesterday I was wondering if you could give me some notes?"

Mr Trebbs bit his lip and scratched the back of his head, looking at the floor. OML does this mean he has no notes for me. Ok I'm leaving. I open my mouth to say never mind bye when he speaks.

"I don't have any for you right now but tell you what. Come to my apartment tomorrow at 3pm and I'll give you all the notes." OMFG ugh I have to go to his apartment now like ASDGFH.

"Okay." I say politely before rushing out the door away from any more of this unwanted conversation.

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