Mr Trebbs

When Maria realises her Asian Literature teacher is starting to take a particular interest in her things get weird... But they only get stranger as she begins to find out more about him. Yet she cannot seem to escape him.

PS sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I don't edit. If I ever published this fr I would edit it A LOT lol.


3. is it too late now to say

Next day at school in class

"Now in this novel- err" he scratched the back of his head and laughed nervously.

Oh god, I thought he's being awkward.

The girl in front of me piped up, "Are you okay sir?"

"Yeah yeah... Im um fine. I'm just a little light headed this morning...." He sat down on his desk.

"As I was saying... Umm.."

Oml someone is going to have to ask him a question to get him going... And it's not going to be me... No one raises their hand and he continues to stutter. Crap. I raise my hand slowly and he looked at me in surprise. "Yes Maria?"

"Can you tell us about Chinese literature?" Please work.

"Ah yes." He closed his eyes for a moment suddenly opened them and began talking about Chinese literature with his usual enthusiasm

After class he held me back

"About last night..." He says.


He scratches the back of his head again, "Err... I'm sorry."


"I..." I begin. Um what am I supposed to say to that.

"I was being inappropriate, sorry." He ducked his in shame. Omg. Maybe he isn't the stupid cocky nerd I thought he was. OML.

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