Mr Trebbs

When Maria realises her Asian Literature teacher is starting to take a particular interest in her things get weird... But they only get stranger as she begins to find out more about him. Yet she cannot seem to escape him.

PS sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I don't edit. If I ever published this fr I would edit it A LOT lol.


8. handsome aircraft

Over the next few weeks Mr Trebbs didnt talk to me at all. It was only until the Wednesday of the last week before break when he came over to me after class. "So, Maria. I'm leaving in a weeks time. Have you made up your mind?"

At first I had no idea what he was talking about until I remembered - Japan. I hadn't thought about it. Maybe because I know deep down I really want to go. Even if it was with him. I swallowed, "I'd like to go."

"Oh, good." Justin played it cool but his excitement was evident in the way his eyes lit up like tiny fireworks. "I'll email you the details."

I said goodbye and walked out to the bus stop. I was screaming internally. I couldn't believe I was going to Japan. Who cares who with? IM GOING TO JAPAN, BABY! FOR FREE! WOOT!

I must've read the email from Mr Trebbs over one thousand times. It was very mystic. All he said was when to meet him at the front of the airport and to bring clothes for cold weather. On Wednesday on my way to the airport I started to have doubts. I told my family I was going to Japan but even they were worried I couldn't say exactly where. Oh god what if he kills me? I pushed that thought out of my head as I stepped out of the taxi. Almost immediately I saw Justin. He waved to me and came over before helping me get my suitcase out of the trunk. We walked in silence into the airport. I went to go towards where you hand in your baggage to be put on the plane but Justin put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. "But-?" I began but Justin just took my hand and lead me towards another door. It was weird he hadn't said a word to me yet. Usually he doesn't shut up. I decided to stay quiet and follow him. We went down a long corridor and when we finally came out we were face to face with a handsome aircraft.

Justin turned to me and smiled, "We're flying in my private jet."


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