Mr Trebbs

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7. free??

On Monday in class Mr Trebbs was acting normal like nothing had ever happened until the end. Everyone had rushed out leaving me still packing. Even though I had started to pack before the end. Justin came over to me. Ugh. I must've been half asleep or something. I don't know why I hugged him. Maybe it's because he was the first person who has ever tried to understand me... Or maybe because if I had stayed mad he would have pushed me off the cliff. "Hey, Maria. What's up?"

Oh my god. Is he actually talking normally?

"Um... not much?" I say, how are you even supposed to answer 'what's up'?

Justin laughed a little, "Right."

I picked up my bag to go but Justin put his arm out to stop me. "Maria, you're doing very well in Asian Literature."

"Umm, thanks?"

"I'm going to Japan for two weeks over the break. I was wondering you'd like to come. It would help you further your studies."

Omg. I suddenly became lost in thought. I've always wanted to go to Japan. But... not with him. UGH.

Justin broke the silence, "I'd pay." He said with a smile, "For everything."

I hadn't even thought about the costs. Wow a free trip... NO! What am I saying? It would be a free trip with my creepy looser of a teacher. I don't want that... I think.

Justin moved his arm out of my way, "I'll give you time to think it over."

I slowly walked past him and out the door. I just heard Mr Trebbs shout "See you later, Maria!" as it slammed shut behind me.

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