Mr Trebbs

When Maria realises her Asian Literature teacher is starting to take a particular interest in her things get weird... But they only get stranger as she begins to find out more about him. Yet she cannot seem to escape him.

PS sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I don't edit. If I ever published this fr I would edit it A LOT lol.


5. creep

I thought that I'd finally be away from Mr Trebbs but nooo. I was waiting for my bus when I saw him walking past the bus stop. He stopped and stood over me, "I think I get what you mean."

Oh you've finally realised that we can't be friends because it will stuff up everything for me. I can't say this enough; I don't do friends with teachers. I look up at him expectantly.

"Just pretend that I'm an ordinary guy you've just met. Not a teacher." He says and my brain forms a fist and face palms me from the inside. Before I can give Justin the death stare a man wearing a public transit uniform interrupts me, "Hey, are you folks waiting for the 992 bus?"

"Yes, why?" I ask.

There's been an accident and it won't be coming today.

FREAKING PERFECT. I must've looked horrified because the transit man said, "Are you okay?"

I nodded slowly, "I'll just... find another way."

"Ok... Sweet, bye." The main waves and walked off. Wow. Much professional. Very help.

I signed as my mind whirled through hundreds of possible solutions to my dilemma. WHAT Justin suggested next was certainly not one of them, "I could drive you home."

I didn't have a lot of plausible options so I agreed to let the persistent jerk give me a lift. I'd take that over walking any day.

We walked to the parking lot where his car was in silence. It was as though Mr Trebbs thought if he said anything I'd be scared off like a wild deer. We got in the car and I told him which directions to type into his fancy GPS. Justin only said something when we got to the highway, "So..."

So? What was I supposed to say to that. I cleared my throat and turned to look out my window, away from him. That was the last thing I remembered before I fell asleep. I woke up with a start. SHIT. I knew I shouldn't have fallen asleep with that creep driving. I was panicking and screaming internally so much I didn't even notice where the car was. I opened the door to get out and Justin grabbed the back of my shirt, pulling me back in. "WOAH THERE."

"What the fuck!?" I shouted.

Justin looked a little taken aback, lol that's what you get for thinking a shy person is shy all the time.

"It's um... ok." He said. "Look out the door."

I looked out the door and noticed it was right at the edge of a cliff. If I had gotten out I'd have fallen to my death, "Where are we?" I said angrily.

"Where at the lookout." He calmly let go of my shirt, though he still looked shocked from my outburst.

I almost slapped his face off... but I didn't. He wasn't my friend. I didn't know him well. He's only my teacher. What if he snaps? I can't get out of this car.

"Why didn't you take me home?"

He turned to look at the city lights below, "The GPS glitched and I lost your address. I didn't want to wake you."

"Well you should have." I folded my arms, "Can you take my home now, please?"

"But take a look at that sunset."

"Mr Trebbs, please." I said sternly.

He put his finger to my lips, "Shh. It's Justin, remember? Pretend I'm not a teacher."

I slapped his hand away and he laughed. Fear surged through me. Oh god. He's gonna kill me. This is the end. Goodbye world.

"You're a tough nut to crack, Maria." He said.

"Mr Trebbs, Justin, I don't give a shit." If I was gonna die might as well die an extrovert.

Justin opened his mouth but no word came out. I climbed over him, opened his door and got out. "I don't like talking to people. Especially teachers! But why are you targeting me? It's creepy! Do you know you're acting like a fucking creep!?"

Justin got up out of the car and I took a step back, "There's other people in the class who didn't go to your stupid extra class! So why me?"

He took another step closer and I took another back, "Justin tell me before I die... YOU DICK."

Justin stopped walking mid-step, "Die?"

I stared at him, ready to run into the bushes if he took another step.

"Oh Maria, this is what I wanted from you all along."

"What?" I whispered.

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