Mr Trebbs

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2. aclosement

I just step inside the apartment building when the rain starts bucketing down. I don't have an umbrella... fuck. I grumpily take off my hood straighten my clothes before walking over to the elevator. I take out my phone and check the email from Mr Trebbs. It says I have to go to the 17th floor. I walking in the elevator and go to press the button. The 17th floor is the highest one. Damn it. I'm scared of heights. I hope there's not many windows in his apartment.

I get to the door of apartment 209 and lift my hand to knock when it opens. I jump in shock and I feel embarrassment pulse through me as I look up at Mr Trebbs.

"Hello Maria!" He said, rather too joyously, "You're a little late. I was thinking you mightn't come."

"Sorry." I say, "I got held up because of this storm." In case you hadn't notice it's raining cats and dogs outside -_-. Unless my wish came true and he doesn't have any windows in his apartment, he doesn't have an excuse for being so ignorant.

"Oh, yes. Come in." He says. Come in!? Pls I thought I could just get the notes and run, whyyyyyyy?

"Oh I'm in a kind of a rush to do a... thing." I lie.

He pats me on the back, "Oh I'm sure it can wait five minutes." Excuse me!? OML this guy. What if I had a funeral I had to attend!? It'll probably be my own because I'll kill myself if I have to stay any longer.

I force a polite smile, "Okay."

"Welcome to my apartment." Mr Trebbs opens the door and stands aside for me to walk in. "Or should I say aclosement. My neighbours are literally right through the wall." I'm facepalming internally right now - so hard.

I force a fake laugh and walk in. I feel my heart sink like a stone and as I look around. Almost every wall is made of glass looking down on the city far, far below. I swallow and try to focus on something else. I see a desk with a pile of paper and books, a widescreen Tv with a bunch of different consoles connected to it and a massive cylindrical fish tank in the centre of the room. It was like something out of a James Bond movie. WTF is Mr Trebbs like a secret millionaire or something.

"What do you think?" His voice from behind me makes me jump again.

"Umm... it's nice." I say quietly, "Could I have those notes please?"

"OH." He looks surprised for a moment. Oh? Oh!? Does that mean he doesn't have notes still? He knew I was coming for the notes, right? "Yep, I'll just go get them now." O thank god. Oops I jumped to conclusions too quickly... heh. Now I can just get the notes and leave. No worries.

After a moment Mr Trebbs comes back with some notes but instead of handing them to me he sits down at his table, "Have a seat." He says, "I'll go through these notes." OML WHYYYYYYYYYY. I sit down quietly and listen to him ramble on, nodding my head every time he looks up at me. When it's over and he hands me the notes I stand up, ready to make a beeline for the door.

"Before you go, I have something I want to show you." Mr Trebbs gently touched my shoulder. Ugh. When will it end.

I follow him into another room and my eyes widen at the sight. He has a whole room full of Star Wars stuff. Wow....

What a nerd lmao.

He turns to me smiling, as if waiting for a compliment of his collection.

"Cool." I say. That's all you're getting bro.

"You think that's cool? Wait until I show you my next room." He said, hopping out of the room excitedly. OML I only said cool I didn't say pls give me a tour of your apartment WYD. I sigh and follow him to the next room. This one is filled with all sorts of video game collectibles from Donkey Kong to Halo 4. I don't know if a word exists but, if there is one stronger than nerd, Mr Trebbs is most definitely it. Though I am kinda impressed with this room. I didn't even realise my mouth had dropped open until I felt Mr Trebbs hand pushing my chin up. He laughed. I'm about to turn around and say that I have to go when a particular item catches my eye. "OMG." I say out loud before quickly putting my hand to my mouth.

"What is it?" Mr Trebbs asks.

"You have a golden statue of Jimmy from Highrise!" Ok ok... I'll admit I'm a pretty big nerd too.

Mr Trebbs laughs, "Yeah, one of the only three made."

"Wow." I say. He must be rich af.

"I'm surprised you know who it is. I haven't met anyone who know of him in this city." Mr Trebbs smiles.

"This city, Mr Trebbs?" I ask.

"I mean I've only met people on the internet who know about him. And please, call me Justin."

Please, can you not. I don't do the whole friends with teachers thing.

"Okay..." I say.

Justin... ugh. I don't like it but I'll won't be able to stop calling him that in my head. Justin takes a step closer to me. Like really close. This bish deep in my personal bubble now. "We have a lot in common you know, Maria." He says. OH MY GOD. Stop right there. Is my teacher making a move that's just wrong. Help.

I laugh a little, "Oh, we do?"

He smiled down and me and says, "Yeah." In a deep butter-melting voice. WTF. He begins leaning in. WTF STOP. My internal screaming intensifies and I take a step back. He stands upright in surprise. As if no girl has even denied his moves before, "I I really have to go and do that thing I said earlier." I begin walking to the door of his apartment and Justin just nods slowly. I open the door with one final glance back at him. He looks dumbstruck. My heart is racing as I close the door behind me and get into the elevator. When I reach the ground floor I quickly stuff the notes under my hoodie and run out into the pouring rain.

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