Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


16. Two Worlds

“Oliver?” Talon whispered, his voice a bit scratchy and dry as he swallowed to get his throat moist. His eyes darted everywhere around him. The room was gone. The house was gone. He was somewhere completely different, he was alone. He was out in the middle of the street and everything was somewhat dark besides for, what he thought was, the moonlight. The buildings around him he didn't recognize. All of them looked strangely old and everything was dirty and ruined. Little balls of fluff were floating around in the air and touched them, but they blew up into tinier balls. “Where am I?”

He could hear something like a metal dragging on the pavement road. He stumbled over a crack and recuperated himself before walking around in the same spot looking around. He continued to hear the sound and turned the street corner to peek down the road. A little ways away he could see something walking, or limping slowly with something dragging behind them.

He squinted to see the dark figure against the moonlight then took off sprinting towards it. “Hey?” He called out, the figure stopped and swayed back and forth in it’s place. As Talon neared the person he slowed down, his eyes glued on the person. It was strangely leaning to the right and their leg looked almost twisted and it was dragging along an axe. He stopped and began to back away slowly when the figure spun around and faced him. It’s face was contorted and it’s head was strangely shaped to fit the ruined facial features. It’s mouth hung open and it let out a scream and began to limp towards him. Talon stumbled back then ran off in the direction he came, he tried to grasp where he was and how he had gotten here.

After a few minutes his heart was racing and his throat burned from the cold air that stung his throat and lungs. Even when he run he was still cold and as he turned the corner he realized he could see his own breath billowing out of his lips. He looked around to make sure nothing was following him before he stopped and leaned over a little to cough. “Oliver, where are you?Where’s anyone?”

Then there was a loud woman’s scream from a few streets away. Talon stood up straight and looked around for where the sound could have come from. “Anyone? Help! Help me!” She screamed, her voice sounding futile.

“Way to draw attention to yourself Tanith.” He murmured before taking in a deep breath and running off in the direction he heard her scream. More screams followed and he sped up, building after building he passed. Cars were parked or flipped over like there had been an earthquake or something. Everything looked like New York but it was oddly the opposite. A dark New York.

As he drew closer he saw a large beast walking across the road in front of him. It looked as big as a five floor building and walked on four, long, grey, furry legs. Talon fell back onto his butt and looked up at it in astonishment and terror. It’s face was also contorted but its eyes were big and black with a large mouth that hung open and teeth sharper than kitchen knives. He quickly stood up and ran through an alley to get to the other side of the building, he peeked around the corner to see Tanith standing on top of a car with a bunch of those human like figures crowded around her. The big beast was heading in their direction and Talon thought quickly of a way to get her out of the trouble she was in.

He looked around at the trash then back down the alley at the cars. He picked up a long metal rod then ran back down to the other side and across the road to a car. H. then threw open the driver’s seat door and pulled the seat back a little before putting the bar between the seat and steering wheel. Once he did so he pulled the seat forward and the end of the bar slowly pushed against the horn of the steering wheel. It then let out a long and annoying “honk” that continued with the bar still pressing against it. He waited a moment before running back through the alley and looking around the corner to see Tanith curled up in a ball on top of the car. The monsters began to drift away and he could hear the biggest monster’s footsteps stomping towards the car.

Once they had all left he ran over to Tanith, “C’mon! We have to get out of here!” She lifted her head to see him, relieved he had saved her. He grabbed her hand and she slid off the roof of the car and ran beside Talon down the road. “I think we may be able to find Oliver somewhere around the house. If he ended up somewhere other than there he’ll know to go back to it so we can all meet in the same place.”

“How did we get here? How will we get back and what were those things?” She asked frightened. But he didn’t answer and just kept running.

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