Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


18. The Move

They walked down the side of the street cautiously. Their eyes darted to every movement or every sound. Oliver had a harder time trying to tune in on world because their world was too noisy. He knew they couldn’t hear or see the shadows that walked around so he didn’t bother to bring it up. They hid behind trashcans and buildings, running between each quickly. Talon was beginning to fall behind and he started to cough uncontrollably, hiding it in his sleeve. Oliver didn’t notice but Tanith did, she didn’t acknowledge it though. “We can’t hide and run all the way home Oliver. We should try starting a car or something.” Talon stumbled behind them and fell to his butt exhausted.

“We might be too noisy if we drive. We don’t want to draw their attention.” Oliver stood, hunched over, scanning the area.

“We’ll be too fast for them to catch if we hurry.”

“We don’t even know if the cars have gas.” Tanith added.

“It looks like the town was abandoned. It’s not like everyone drove their car till it died.” He slowly stood up and snuck to the driver's seat of the car and opened the door. Inside it was empty and didn’t have very much dust.  Oliver crawled quickly after him.

“Talon! What if they hear us?” Down the road a Ashtalon was hiding behind a building and peeking around the corner at them. A grin spread across it’s disoriented face and it began to walk towards them. Tanith stood outside the car and looked around for anything suspicious before taking off her glasses and cleaning them with her shirt. Talon sat in the driver’s seat looking for keys and Oliver was on his knees outside the car watching him, hiding behind the open door.

“Then we better run.” He chuckled when he found the keys and let out a triumphant snort.

“Now if it actually works.” Oliver mumbled. Talon rolled his eyes and stuck the key into the transmission then twisted. It let out a soft rumble and a cracking sound before dying. “I told you.”

“It just needs some love.” He began to slam on the dashboard and Oliver hit his leg.

“Stop! You’ll get something’s attention.” Talon looked around to see some figures popping up around the road.

“Too late.” He started to slam on it more then tried to start it again. Tanith stood and looked around with her glasses on. A tall dark figure was approaching them, closer and closer. Tanith hit Oliver’s arm.

“Something is coming! Oliver it sees us!” She looked in at Talon and Oliver turned to see it stalking towards them. He recognized the tall figure and it’s long claws.

“We have to go.” Oliver said, terrified as he watched the smiling demon and stood up quickly.

“Give me a few more seconds.” He said as he tried starting it again but failed. “Crap…” He tried again and again.

“We don’t have a few more seconds!” Then the figure disappeared and it reappeared behind Tanith and picked her up by her neck and held her in the air for her to kick around. Oliver tried to grab her and pull her back but the figure kicked him away. Talon watched then without restraint, kicked the dashboard uncomfortably while starting it up. Oliver sat up, ignoring the pain and looked around for anything to use. He stood up and ran at him but before he could reach him something threw him back and he fell back to the ground. The same demon woman was standing between him and the Ashtalon. She ran at the other demon, dispersing into smoke with every dodge of his claws then becoming solid. She clawed at it’s side then at it’s chest and it let go of Tanith and she fell to the ground, gasping for air.

The Ashtalon went flying through the air and across the road, hitting with a hard impact into the car. Oliver crawled over to Tanith and tried to get her up while studying the woman. She smelt of apple cinnamon and looked like a normal person but was completely black and took on more of a smoky figure. She wasn’t as solid as all the other demons and seemed more elegant in her quick movements. Her hair was billowing like it was windy and the long strands whipped around her face and arms. “Go.” Her voice was solid and clear.

Without question he helped Tanith up just as Talon brought the metallic beast to life. It rumbled and sputtered for a moment until it was steady. “Get out of here!” Oliver demanded when him and Tanith were in the vehicle. Talon slammed his door shut and sped off down the road, taking a sharp turn and dodging one of the demons.

“Jesus! What was that?” He kept his shaky hands on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road. “Are you guys alright?” Tanith was completely in shock and holding her neck while staring at the floor. Oliver nodded a little, catching his breath as he patted Tanith’s back.

“We’re fine. Just keep driving and don’t stop for anything. We should be home in an hour or so.”

“Hopefully we get that far. The gas is almost empty and we might have to walk a mile and a half once it dies.” Oliver looked to Tanith and tried to soothe her. Her neck was red and looked like it was kind of bruised.

“Are you okay?” He whispered to her and she just nodded. Tears fell down her cheeks and she blinked them away slowly. Oliver continued to rub her back until he knew she was alright.

The ride was long but it was more comfortable. Oliver held Tanith closely to him as she fell asleep. He didn’t want to push her off because he knew how she felt and how terrifying the experience was. He gently ran his fingers through her curly hair and it sort of soothed him also. Talon glanced back at them and smirked into the rearview mirror, Oliver caught the look and gave him a glare before removing his hand from her hair. “Idiot.” He mumbled and Talon chuckled.

“Don’t mind me. I’m just minding my own business.” Oliver huffed in response and looked out the window at the passing trees that led out of the city. “I can tell you like her, it’s normal for a guy to like a girl you know.”

“I do not! I just met her and she stalks me, she’s ignorant, obnoxious…”

“Every girl is like that… besides the stalking. But she’s cute, funny, sarcastic-”


“Normal for a girl.” They both laugh a little and it stays quiet the rest of the ride.

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