Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


3. Saturday Night (Two Days Before Attack)

Tim sat in his spinning chair in the basement, staring down at a hand sized metal container with a wire sticking out of the top, it’s coils wrapped around each other and poked out on either side. He had spent so many lonely late nights stuck up in this dark cemented room. It would get so hot that he’d have to take off his top of his jumpsuit and focus on this metal box in front of him on the table. Finally it was complete. The plan was set and they were ready to go, the only problem was getting past the cameras and guards.

The door behind him was pushed open and Tim through his top onto the metal gadget to cover it up then turned to see Colton standing in the doorway with John and Silvia. Their foreheads were coated in a thin layer of sweat and their fancy suit coats were nowhere to be seen, their shirts had sweat stains under their arms. Tim let out a relieving breath then motioned for them to come in. They trudged into the room and stood awkwardly far apart from each other and away from Tim, like they were afraid to get too close. Tim stood and pulled his top away from the device and rolled to the side so all three could see his makeshift invention.

Silvia was a plump, short, woman with short black hair that she had held back behind her hairband. “That’s it?” Silvia questioned, her weight switched from foot to foot. Tim just replied with a nod, also looking at his invention uncertainly.

“Tim knows what he’s doing, we can trust him.”Tim’s best friend, Colton, stood next to him. He worked on the first floor at the front desk, he got everyone signed in and also was kind of a security guard. A fake smile was plastered on his chubby face. His stomach hung over his belt under his soft yellow button up shirt. His thumb and pointer finger rubbed together on both his hands, hidden at his sides. He did this when he was nervous. A bead of sweat dripped down the back of his bald head and he quickly wiped it away while rubbing his neck.

“How do we really know what they’re doing though? Maybe it’s just a test to see if we would go up against them or something.” John was taking quick glances around the room, almost looking for something that may be watching them plot against their bosses. “Maybe it’s just a test…” He was a much more muscular man with short brown hair and glasses. He was a security guard on the first floor and he usually saw who went in and out of the rooms.

Silvia turned on John, her hands falling to her sides and balling into fists. “You heard what they were saying on that! That can’t be just a test! This crap is real John!”

“Well we still don’t know that! This could be a prank or something.” John stepped back and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest and he stared at the ground. “Surely they can’t be creating a portal to let in ghosts or something.”

“Demons.” Colton corrected him.

“It doesn’t matter.” Tim finally spoke then stood up, ripping his gaze away from his invention. “I already designed the bomb, we can’t back out now.” His hand shook as he grabbed at the metal container and put it in a backpack with some other supplies, in the pockets, that they might need. “Everyone knows what they’re doing. We need to shut off the cameras by 10:12 and they should be back on by 10:17. Silvia, make sure those lights are off at the same time as the cameras and I’ll be sure to have that bomb attached in three.” Everyone needs to leave the building as soon as they are finished with their job. If everything goes well then we should all be laid off by Sunday morning and getting new jobs by Monday.”

They all nodded to show their understanding then split off to go home. Tim sat back down in his chair and rested his head back, praying for everything to go as planned. He took out his pocket watch and stared at the long hand as it ticked for every second.


Monday (Present Time)

Oliver was beginning to wake up, his mother was clutching him in her arms and mumbling to his father next to her. He felt like they were in motion and he looked around to see they were in the car. But he could only see half as good and noticed everything was dark in his left eye. He reached to touch it but his mother caught his hand. “It’s okay baby, it’s just a patch because your eye is injured. It should be better in a couple weeks if you don’t touch it and put some medicine on.” She rubbed his hand before letting it go and turning back to Tim. “If you think I’m going to let you do that to our son, you’re extremely mistaken!”

“Jennifer! We don’t have a choice in this! It’s us or him and we are obviously picking him!” His voice was raised and she smacked his arm to quiet him down.

“I’m not risking Oliver’s life for your dumb plan that failed the first time!” Jennifer hissed to him.

“Mommy where are we going?” Oliver tried to sit up but Jennifer gently pushed him back down for her to hold.

“Don’t worry baby everything will be alright.”

“It didn’t fail… We were just too late I guess…”

“It doesn’t matter! I’m not risking his life.”

“He’ll be with my parents, they’ll take care of him till we come back. We need him to fix this. He’s our only hope.” His mind trailed off once to the day before…

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