Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


33. New Plan

It was the next day and everyone was awake and alert. Oliver had only gotten a couple hours of sleep since he was too worried and stressed about how he’s getting home. He ended up joining the others down in the living room while they were finalizing the plan. “Since Oliver is the only one that can wield the sword we have to watch his back.”

    “Pa you shouldn’t be doing this.” Oliver frowned as he pictured Kingston trying to fight off the monsters and being killed for it.

    “I’ll do anything to protect my family no matter what. That means I’d die forever if it meant saving you.” Kingston said sternly. “Now how do I fight these guys?”

    Tim chuckled, “You have the strength of a lion. If you try then you should be able to at least knock them off their feet long enough for Oliver to end them.” He turned to Oliver. “And don’t hesitate to kill these things because they would kill you in a blink of an eye.”

    “Don’t worry about me. I have the skills.” He tapped on his head with his index finger and laughed a little.


    “Don’t tell me how to do my job.” She looked at the time on the pocket watch that sat on the table. “We’d better get going… So the sword is in the 5th room on the second floor in a box with the rest of the weapons they have stored there?” Tim nodded. “Be at the front door at exactly 4:25 PM. Got it.” Tim smiled a little and everyone stood up. Her and Tim hugged and she gave him a small kiss. “Will you be alright on your own?”

    “Yes.” He kissed her cheek gently and they all traded hugs with each other. In case this was the last time they’d ever see each other.

    “Ready?” Jennifer asked Oliver.

    “As ready as I’ll ever be.” They both smiled and she grabbed his hand. In a blink they were gone.


    Oliver stumbled a little from how fast it had happened and shook his head a little. The smell of copper hit him like a train wreck and he looked up to see they were in a room with buckets full of blood. Body parts were scattered all over the room and strange torturing tools were covered in blood and lying on tables and floors. A monster was tied against the wall and it’s insides were spilling out from it’s stomach. Oliver looked around in horror and Jennifer covered his eyes quickly and in a second the room felt wider and cooler. The smell was gone and her hands fell from his face, sighing a little.

    “Ugh your father’s memory is terrible.” She whispered then rubbed her temples. Oliver scanned the hallway up and down. It was dark like everywhere else besides for a little light. It was empty and there were multiple doors on each side all the way down. A monster that looked like a bull slept at the end of the hall in front of a golden door. The walls were black just like the throne room and expensive artifacts and pictures were evenly spaced away from each other. The elevator was slap down in the middle of the hall on the right side. Oliver and Jennifer watched the beast closely as it snored. “That’s Lilith’s body guard which means she must be in there.”

    “Her room maybe?”

    “No, her room is either at the top or close to the basement. She’s either in there or he’s there to guard whatever’s in that room. Such as a sharp shiny object.” She chuckled as they tiptoed down the hall towards it.

    “How do we get passed him?”

    “Being very quiet.” They snuck to the front of the door. The bull slept soundly, it’s jaw was dropped to let out it’s loud snoring and Jennifer gently twisted the handle bar. The door handle clinked and the bull twitched. Oliver gulped as Jennifer carefully pushed the door open a crack to peek inside. There were weapons all along the wall and the box was in the corner with a chain and lock around it. She pushed it open all the way and it creaked; causing the bull to jerk and make a yawning sound. Oliver and Jennifer quickly got inside and shut the door, locking it.

    Oliver ran to the chest and uselessly tugged on the lock. “Any ideas?” She studied it then knelt down in front of it. Her hair began to whip as she grasped the lock and tugged down hard on it until it broke off. Oliver knelt beside her and threw open the chest to find the sword inside. “Perfect.”

He grabbed it just as the bull broke through the door. Sending pieces of wood flying around the room. “He’ll wake the others!” Jennifer exclaimed and Oliver thought quickly, looking around the room. He held the handle tightly and ran at the beast, it swung at him but he ducked under it and jammed the blade into the demon’s torso. It let out a wail of pain as it’s body began to shrivel up and it cried out as it turned to a pile of dust.

Jennifer was shocked then she hurried and grabbed his arm, warping out to the front door. Again Oliver stumbled and groaned. “Couldn’t you have warned me first?”

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t run blindly into something like that? You could have been killed!”

“Mom if you haven’t noticed the situation we’re in. All of us could be killed right when we set foot in the door. Now calm down because I’m fine and I saved us from being caught.” He checked his watch and just as he looked up he saw a shadow walking towards them. Tanith. He could tell she was nervous and he felt bad for making her do this and be put in more danger. If her dad was here then he wouldn’t approve of this idea.

Kingston and Tim were right there next to them and it caused Oliver to jump. “God! Are you all this creepy? Maybe a warning or some distance before you pop up so close.” Tim punched his arm and Oliver laughed a little. So this is what our family would be like. A normal, living, breathing family. Tanith walked up to the door and paused, hesitant to open the door.

Oliver reached down and grabbed her hand. He knew she could feel it because he saw her tense up. He smiled a little then pulled his hand away quickly. Jennifer gave him a look and he felt himself blushing. “Only trying to help.”

“Mhm.” Tanith twisted the knob then pushed open the door. She peeked inside to see it was empty and dark. She then searched her bag for a flashlight and switched it on pushing the door open more. They all filed in one by one around her. All the demons were fast asleep and Oliver whispered to the others.

“This makes everything easier. We can kill them all in their sleep.” He began to creep away from the group and Kingston grabbed his arm.

“Tim and I have a different plan in mind. Don’t worry about them. Just be quiet and keep close.” Oliver fell back to the group, upset that he couldn’t kill them. They made their way through the house and to the elevator. They all got in and Tanith looked at the buttons, examining them.

“She needs to hurry.” Tim mumbled, rubbing his head.

“She’s trying dad. Giver her time.” Tim tapped his foot impatiently and Jennifer grabbed his hand and looked at him. He sensed it and looked down at her, managing a smile. Finally Tanith pressed the button and the elevator began to descend to the basement. The air seemed a bit more dense as they got lower and Oliver began to cough.

Jennifer patted his back anxiously. “We have to hurry before he gets to sick.” Oliver took in a deep breath after his coughing fit. “Are you okay?”

“Yes… Fine.” He cleared his throat then smiled and stared at the floors as they passed by. Finally the cart stopped and the doors slid apart to show a basement. A laboratory. It was pretty dark but they could see a box shape door in the middle of the room. Tanith shined her light around to see everything then shuffled over to the panel and examined the buttons. She checked her phone for the time and stood waiting and looking at all the buttons.

Above it was a screen and behind it she could see the door shaped thing that was completely empty in the middle and she could see the far wall. “I hope you’re ready.” She mumbled as she turned it on and began to mess with buttons. The machine turned on, making a loud motor noise and the building shook a little. Everyone stood shocked as they looked around at each other. They could hear the monsters above them beginning to wake up and Tim suddenly let out a loud cry and fell to the ground.

Jennifer dropped down beside him and held him tightly. “Kingston destroy the elevator so they can’t use it.” Kingston frantically went over, looking for anything to use to destroy it.

“What good is that going to do? They could just break through the floors at any second now.” Oliver paced a short distance, watching Tanith mess with the buttons. “What are we going to do?”

Tim took in a deep breath and clenched his fists against his head. “You’re not going to do anything besides get out of here. Once that light above the portal turns red you jump into it and don’t hold back for a second.” He cried out in pain again and Oliver could hear the monsters above them stomping and roaring. One of them fell down the elevator and hit the top of it, sending it through the floor. Everyone jumped besides for Tanith who was peacefully clicking buttons.

“But what will happen to you guys?” Oliver asked, he could feel himself wanting to cry knowing this may be the last time he sees all of them. Kingston came running back.

“We have to hurry before they ruin everything.” The machine behind them flashed to life and the light blinded them a little as it lit up the room. A red dot appeared above the door and Oliver turned back to them.

“What will happen to you guys?” Tim sat struggling on the ground and twisting up. Jennifer cried a little then kissed his head, setting him on the ground.

“Don’t worry about that. Just go before it’s too late.” She hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. “Stay safe and don’t ever forget how much we love you.” Oliver was crying now and he hugged her back. She let go and Kingston embraced him also and held him tightly, ruffling his hair.

“Help Ma out okay?”

“I will.” They were all crying.

“Oh god it’s coming back! Go before he kills you!” Tim yelled, referring to the demon that was raking at him from the inside. Oliver turned to the portal and was then shoved in by Kingston who then waited a few moments before picking up the sword Oliver dropped and throwing it blade first through the portal door. It stuck in the middle and began to make sounds. Kingston stumbled back then turned to see the monsters crawling towards them. He dropped to his knees beside Jennifer and Tim. They both hugged Tim tightly as he screamed in pain and jerked around until he was silent.

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