Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


14. New Girl

Oliver carried the watch as carefully as he could all the way to his work. He scanned the inside with his eyes, the colorful buttons and blinking lights astonished him but he was terrified to touch it in case it’d break or open the portal to let in the dark beings. ‘Demons’ he thought ‘why hadn’t I come up with that conclusion? I knew they were monsters but I must be really dumb that I can’t even figure out they’re demons.’ As he was walking into the break room the door swung open and a girl walked out slamming against him and the both stumble back, his hand clenching the watch as he looked up at the girl angrily.

    “Oh my god I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed as she covered her cheeks while she blushed, embarrassed from how awkward she was. Noticing she was the same girl he’d run into the day before, he was more careless about her feelings since he’d almost dropped the device.

    “You should be more careful and watch where you’re going.” She moved over a little as he squeezed past her and over to the locker with his name on it. He opened it with one hand as she shuffled over shyly.

    “You should watch out too. I’m not the only one to blame every time.” Oliver ignored her defense and put his stuff into the locker besides for his apron. He then shut it and put on his apron glancing at her before walking out, leaving her behind to watch him irritated. He had too much on his mind to consider her feelings so he went straight to his register without thinking about it.

Sheryl was already in and was helping the new girl get started, Oliver was close enough to overhear their conversation. “You’re the new girl right?” Sheryl asked.


“Cool. Have you ever worked in a market before?”

“Um no not really.”

“Ah. Well it’s pretty easy when you get used to it. It’s slow on Mondays and Wednesdays and gets busy near the holidays of course. Each of us takes every other week to close, as you know, and we close around 10 O'clock since no one's out around that time. What’s your name?”


“That’s a cool name. Over there is Oliver, he goes by Oli sometimes. Oli say hi!” Oliver responded with a wave of his hand. Staring off into space, waiting for the customer to get the stuff onto the counter.

“That’s Kyle in the corner and Talon works in the deli and he should be getting here any time soon.” Oliver heard Talon’s name and awaited his friend to enter the store, ready to tell him all that had happened in one morning. “Oliver come help Tanith get settled in and show her around. I gotta go deal with a mess in aisle 7 since John always comes in late.” Sheryl leaves and Oliver rolls his eyes before turning around and looking over the girl. She looked to be a foot shorter than him and she was too shy to meet his eyes.

“Come on.” He turned and walked towards the deli just as Talon came in through the door. Talon’s face shaped over a large childish grin, almost roguish in the way his eyes sparked when he saw Oliver walking up to him with a girl by his side. Oliver ignored his friend’s childish grin and stopped in front of the counter to introduce them. “Talon this is Tanith.”

Talon’s blue eyes shone brightly as he looked upon the short ginger. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk in again?” He winked at her and her cheeks dyed a deep pink.

“I believe you should apologize to her then find your way back out that door.” Sheryl appeared beside Talon and he shrieked in surprise.

“But I was just-”

“I-It’s fine Sheryl. I was just about to tell him to find his way back to google where he picked up his cheesy pick up line.” Oliver let out a burst of laughter at Tanith’s response; letting his lips trail before he covered his mouth. Talon’s grin fell to a smirk and he leaned against the counter and looking at her.

“She’s feisty. I like her.”

“Be careful dude. She’s a ginger.”

“Talon and Oliver, get to work before I mark you late and you have to work an extra 20 minutes.” Talon turned quickly and hurried into the meat locker. Oliver watched him go then briskly walked off in another direction away from Sheryl with Tanith. She did her best to keep up with him as he walked and explained where everything was and introduced her to John who was reading a newspaper, too busy to look up from it. When Oliver realized she was struggling he slowed down for her to catch up. After she was shown around they both went back to their registers and helped their customers.

Soon enough it was close to the time Oliver had to leave so he hurried over to Tallon. “Have a nice day.” He said to the man as he handed him his plastic bag with the meat. The man grunted in return before he left and Talon watched him go before he groaned. “God! These people are rude!” Oliver nodded in agreement as he walked behind the locker and pulled over a stool from the corner.

“I’ll wait till you’re off to go.”

“Why are you suddenly waiting for me? Scared of being mugged?” He teased but Oliver ignored it.

“I found out some information on my parents, or more of my father’s job which may be the reason they left.” Talon was intrigued by the topic.

“Where are they then? Why did they leave? Is this like a thriller or horror story?”

“No you idiot…well maybe…no. I don’t know! Just listen to what I have to say.” Oliver took in a deep breath, waiting as Talon got settled in, sitting on the counter top. They both calmly sat as Oliver told him what had happened that morning.

“Do you think she’s still there?” Talon was on the ground again and helping a customer get some potato salad. “Have a nice day.” Another grunt from a stranger.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know really.” Oliver rubbed his hands together, ashamed of how he left her alone there. Talon again had a mischievous smile on his face and pulled his hair net off his head. Letting his long blonde curls fall out of his man bun, his hair framing his sharp jaw line.

“Let’s go!”

“What? No!”

“Why not? It’ll be an adventure.”

“No! No! No! You’re crazy! Who knows what will happen to us there.”

“It sounds like that shadow chick-”


“Whatever. She was trying to help you get out. You’re smart when it comes to school stuff but you’re an idiot when it comes to reality problems.” Talon slipped on his jacket as Oliver frowned and pouted.

“It’s not safe there.”

“It’s not safe anywhere. Idiot.” Oliver lets out a whine then follows Talon to the break room to punch his card. Tanith then enters, also getting ready to check out.

“Oh hey. I didn’t know you were still here.” Oliver took out his stuff from the locker, carefully.


“Well… uhh… are you leaving?”

“Why are you so nosey?” Talon heard Oliver’s rude reaction, Tanith began to blush again.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized and walked off. Oliver turned and Talon smacked him upside the head.

“Wow! You are such an idiot.”


“Hey? Idiot! You hurt her feelings. You better watch how you talk to girls dude. No wonder you’re single.” He takes off for the exit and Oliver follows after shutting the locker.

“I’m single because I still live with my grandma.” They both laugh a little as they walk outside into the setting sunlight. “It’ll be dark soon so we better hurry.”

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