Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


2. Monday Morning 3AM (10 years ago)

The light wind forced the branches tips to scratch against the glass window outside Oliver’s bedroom window. It had awaken him from his dream full of nothing but him lying on his stomach, watching himself sleep. He could see his small torso lifting from every sharp breath he took, his forehead was covered in drops of sweat that wet his pillow. His heart beat heavily in his chest while he lay there fast asleep, his eyelids flickering. His curtains were closed when he had awakened and the night light had burned out in his sleep. His eyes tried to adjust to his surroundings as he wiped the drool from his cheek and the sweat from his head.

    His room was like any other 10 year old boy’s bedroom, the occasional bunch of toys around his floor, a night light next to his bed, a wooden dresser for his clothes, a toy box in the corner next to his closet with more toys, et cetera. It smelt of apple cinnamon from the candle that burned on his little dresser, his mother always smelt of it and it helped him sleep when he was just a baby. It had also burned out and his room was quiet beside for the branches on the window. But he was not afraid of the dark, he kept his night light on in case he woke from a nightmare, but he was not scared.

    He drowsily pushed the comforter off his body then tossed his legs over the bed, he felt for the ground then slid off and shuffled to the door to look into the hallway. A light was on that was stuck against the wall and it lit the pathway to his parents room where their door was wide open. He walked back to his bed, leaving the door open, grabbed his stuffed teddy bear and blanket then walked back to the open door. The hall felt chilly so he wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and hugged his bear as he walked through the hallway to his parent’s room.

    His eyes tried to adjust to the dark again as he stared into the dark room. He saw the foot of his parents bed in front of him then peaked around the corner to see the rest of their bed. He froze when he saw a silhouette standing next to his father’s head. It was sort of tall but it didn’t touch the mark where his father had nailed the picture just a few feet above the headboard of the bed. It was pitch black and he could tell it wasn’t human. It had long arms that touched the floor and it’s body looked too thin and too out of shape to be humanly. The figure stood still and watched his father, his snores reached Oliver and he knew he still slept. He searched for his mother who was asleep next to him, his eyes widened and he knew it wasn’t just his imagination. Without thinking he quickly reached over and flipped the switch to turn on the light, with a snap the lights flickered on but they instantly turned back off.

    Once the light died the figure was in front of his face he looked up at the figure, trying to find his eyes or anything human besides his shape. He hadn’t seen it move and the hand of the person standing in front of him wrapped around his neck. Oliver let out a scream of terror as the hand through him against the bedroom wall, he hit it with a loud thud and fell to the ground onto his butt. His mother’s eyes shot open and she sat up to see a figure at the end of their bed and her son on the floor. “Tim! Get up!” Suddenly there was a loud cry and the figure was gone but appeared next to Oliver’s mother. Tim sat up straight as his wife was torn from the bed and propelled against the dresser next to the window. The she slammed against it and fell to the ground. Stuff on the dresser rolled and fell onto the ground, some hitting her body and flew across the room. A pen hit Oliver’s leg and he finally gathered himself.

    “Jen-” Tim was then picked up by his neck and held in the air. His muscular body seemed like a feather as the figure lifted him above it’s head. His lungs fought for air as he squirmed in the figures grip. Oliver, with shaky limbs, stood against the wall taking in deep breaths as he watched his dad being strangled. His young mind searched for ways to help his defenseless father. His mother was trying to recuperate while lying on the ground on her stomach. Her pajama pants were ripped up her leg to her mid thigh and scrapes and scratches scarred her arm and cheek.

    Tim still fought for breath in the air and it felt like it had taken him years to just pick up the pen on the floor and force himself to his feet, although his body just wanted to sleep again. It took all his strength to run towards the figure and stab the ballpoint pen into the side of it’s leg. Tim was beginning to give up, he could hear a ringing sound in his ear and then a ear piercing scream that caused him to squint. “Oliver!” Jen was upright on the ground as she watched her son stab the figure and it’s arm flung around, dropping Tim, and slashing at Oliver with it’s claws; catching the left side of his face. She listened to the sound of her son’s scream and her eyes teared up, her heart felt like it was torn open.

    Tim fell to the ground and took in deep breaths as he saw his son fall back on the ground with his hand to his face. “Jen the light!” He screamed to his wife and took hold of the figures injured leg, tripping it to the ground and climbing on top of it to hold it down. It was too strong for Tim; he was thrown off of the figure and hit against the wall. Jennifer searched the drawer next to her for a flashlight, her body and hands trembled in fear when she grabbed the flashlight. She fumbled with it in her hand to turn it on. Light burst from the bulb inside the plastic container and she pointed it at the figure just as it began to walk towards her.

    The figure let out a loud scream of pain and Tim felt his way to the light switch and flicked it on. The light flickered before turning on and the figure vanished, the place where it stood was stained with a black soot, like a fire place. Jennifer then dropped the flashlight and tried to catch her breath as she fell to her knees and crawled to her son, Tim did the same, and she wrapped her arms around him, picking him up and holding him to her chest. His hand was still on his face and his eyes were shut like he fainted from the trauma of being harmed.

    Everything had happened so quickly they sat next to each other, against the wall, sorting it out in their heads. Their eyes scan their demolished room, her dresser drawers and walls were crooked and cracked, items were broken and tipped over onto the floor, black soot stained a spot on their white carpet. Tim took his son’s hand away from his face to take a look, Jennifer examined his cheek through cloudy tear filled eyes. She could feel her son’s heartbeat against her thigh, through his back. His breathing was hard on his lungs and she let herself cry over her son’s body, “What happened? What was that thing?”

    Tim stroked his son’s good cheek, inspecting Oliver’s cut that ran across the right side of his cheek and over his eye. His eyelid was cut but it wasn’t opened, Tim gently lifted the lid to take a look at his eye, half of his eye was a dark red and his pupil was torn through the middle. He listened to Jennifer’s sobbing when she saw his eye then let his lid fall back into place slowly. Tim then rubbed his own eyes, feeling his son’s pain, and began slowly. “It’s from the lab. It must have found me somehow… but how? How did it get out of that? That infernal box!” He stood to his feet and began to pace back and forth, rubbing his chin. “Something must have gone terribly wrong with the plan. I could have sworn the output to our plan would have been discretely different. It couldn’t have gotten out alone? Unless it got into the box’s electrical coil and into the-”

    Jennifer cut him off impatiently, “Timothy! I don’t care if it came from outer space! Tell me what it is and how it got into my house!” Her eyes fell back to her boy, unconscious in her arms, and stroked his long curly brown hair back away from his eyes. “It hurt our son and I want to know why.” Tim turned back to his wife and knelt down in front of her.

    “It’s a demon! Or some sort of ghost thing. At the lab… we’ve been working on a project called the MDCM or Multi-Dimensional Conveyance Mechanism. Of course I had knowledge of what we were creating but I never knew what we were conjuring up from the machine being kicked to life. I work on the electrical wiring so I don’t get to be in on the conversation with the man in charge. I’m not aloud to ask questions… one day I overheard on their meeting; because I connected a small wire under their table and wirelessly connected it to a microphone that helped me hear from the first floor. It took a lot of bribing to get the janitor to hook it up for me; his job and his life were on the line.”

    “The conversation, Tim.”

    “I listened to their conversation for a long time before I finally pieced together what was really going on in the basement. They were creating a portal to another world. A darker world.” His voice trailed off as his body sent off chills, giving him goose bumps. “It was so close to being completed that I knew I had to do something to destroy it. It took months of planning, it took so much longer to plan than it was for them to finally finish it and begin testing…” His mind began to trace back to the moment he had planned for so long, how he thought he had succeeded…

“It was just three days ago we set our plan into motion…”

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