Only In The Dark

A boy with his eye on two worlds and a disappearing family, Oliver Shawl is put to the test to finish his father's work and save man kind from the monsters and demons that walk among us in the dark.
This was my Nano write that I, unfortunately, was late to sign up for due to technical difficulties.


19. Home?

As they neared their neighborhood the car started to sp utter and Talon pulled over as the car died and rolled to a complete stop. They stayed quiet and Talon laid his head back against the seat in annoyance. “Kill me.” Oliver sighed then looked down at Tanith who slept soundly and shook her gently to get her up. Her mouth closed, muting her light snore and her eyes opened. She lay there for a second before looking up at Oliver and blushing then pulled away quickly to sit up straight. Her cheeks were bright red and Oliver laughed, she crossed her arms over her chest.

    “You snore loud.” He teased before turning and opening the car door. She watched him, embarrassed before getting out from the other side and Talon followed after laughing. They all looked around at the countryside. Everything looked gloomy and the grass and plants looked like a frost had covered them up. Large plants, bigger than houses, looked like large dead dandelions. The spores fell and blew off of them all around the field. They could see only so far because of the heavy fog that blanketed the area around them, they had to squint just to see the road ahead.

    Oliver gulped and took in a heavy breath, being sure to cover his mouth from the heavy amount of particles that billowed around them. “Be sure to cover your mouth around here. There’s more of those spore looking things out in the country than in the city. I don’t think it’s healthy to breathe them in.” Oliver said and they all lifted their shirts to cover their mouths. They all began to walk, keeping a close distance to each other and looking around.

    “Did you notice that that demon woman saved you again? Well she saved Tanith but it looked like she was protecting you when she tossed you back.” Talon commented.

    “Yes I know. I keep getting this weird feeling like I know her from somewhere… Like when she’s around I smell this weird, sweet smell like I’ve… smelt it before. And when I see her she reminds me of someone I used to know but I can’t really put my finger on it.” His head hurt trying to remember where he had seen her before.

    “Maybe you’ve met her before, like when you were attacked. Did you ever find out what happened that night?” Oliver’s mind wandered back to that night at the party. He could only recall how him and Talon got in a fight then leaving the house to go home by himself. Right when he got to the end of his street was the last thing he could remember.

    “No. Just the fight and running home.” He mumbled, the scars on his back began to ache and itch and he shook the thought away. Tanith watched them but kept quiet, not wanting to get in their business. Her eyes stayed on the back of Talon’s feet which were oddly stumbling to keep pace. Talon was shivering more and he tried to hold back his cough until he couldn’t anymore and let it out into his shirt. It sounded like it was too dry and really airy. Oliver stopped and turned to him. “Are you alright?” He asked as Talon caught his breath and began to cough again. His eyes sort of teared up and Oliver patted his back to help him get it out.

    “I’m… fine…”

    “Are you sick?” Tanith stood next to him watching him concerned.

    “No. Just a dry throat. I’ll be fine.” He started walking again, Oliver and Tanith hesitantly followed watching Talon carefully. Soon they came to Oliver’s road and they felt a little more comfortable. Oliver thought more and more of his grandma as they came closer to his house. It looked as old as the rest of the houses and buildings, abandoned and quiet. Everything was dark inside and they stopped to stare at it.

    “You have a nice house.” Tanith complimented.

    “You should see it when it’s in full color.” He laughed a little then walked up the steps and opened the door attentively. Inside it looked the same, he could see his grandfather’s rocking chair in front of the TV and the hangings on the wall were upright but dull colored. He pushed the door open and walked inside, everything was the same, even the smell. “You guys can come in.” He said as he walked towards the kitchen where a shadow sat in an empty chair at the dinner table. His heart jumped into his throat and he stood and watched it. It sat still but hunched over a little like their head was propped up on it’s hand.

    Talon and Tanith walked in and took a look around as Oliver walked over and knelt down next to the shadows leg. He gently set his hand on her arm and felt his way to her hand and held it firmly. He could feel her warmth and could smell her perfume she wore every day. The shadow moved like it sensed something was touching her and looked down at her hand. He held her hand tightly hoping she knew he was there and whispered. “I’m home mama. Don’t worry…” He could hear her breathing sort of hitch and he smiled slightly. “I’ll be home soon I promise. Don’t worry. I love you.”


Britney sat at the kitchen table staring at the clock. It was almost 3 AM and Oliver wasn’t home yet. Her leg bounced rapidly and her heart was racing. Her mind imagining how her grandson was dead somewhere on the street and a policeman would come knock on her door at any moment now. She was too much in thought she couldn’t feel the temperature dramatically drop and her body shivering slightly. The room was already dark besides for the lamp in the living room which began to flicker. She noticed and glanced over at it as it went out. Chills went up her spine but she was too frightened to move.

    Then there was a shadow on his knees beside her and she looked down at it in terror. Her heart was racing and she felt something cold run down her arm to her hand. She didn’t notice the two other shadows walking around in the living room because she was too focused on the one touching her. “I’m home mama… I love you.”

    The warm voice echoed around her and her breath got caught in her throat. “Oliver?” She mumbled before turning to look at the shadow, she could hear her heart beating in her ears and it scared her so much she wanted to cry. “You can’t be dead! You can’t be!”

    “Mama… I’m safe… Don’t worry. I love-” The light switched back on and the shadows were gone. His voice died out and she was left alone once again. She sobbed into her hands, worried for her grandson but happy she knew he was okay.

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